Our alumni are forever connected through a shared transformative educational experience. From every walk of life and every corner of the globe, our alumni inspire, lead and create change.

With Alumni Chapters in major cities around the world and ArtCenter graduates active in many, many more locations, chapter chairs, ambassadors and volunteers serve as advocates of the College and keep our community connected.

Alumni Chapters
Alumni chapters are located in areas around the world where a large group of alumni live and work.

Most chapters consist of alumni volunteers who facilitate programing and activities.

The Alumni Relations team works with volunteers to sustain, support and sponsor regular events. Alumni volunteers are instrumental in developing their own programs and networking opportunities with support in communication from Alumni Relations.

Chapter Chairs

The chapter chair is a volunteer who serves as the primary contact between regional alumni and Alumni Relations staff. The chair works with Alumni Relations staff and other volunteers to develop activities to benefit alumni in the region and serves to relay information, direction and feedback to Alumni Relations.

Current Chapter Chairs

  • Los Angeles: John Deyto (BFA 96 Photography)
  • San Francisco: Audrey Liu (BS 87 Product), Morgan Wise (BFA 04 Film), Penny Wolin (BFA 76 Photography) 
  • Orange County: Amy Yu (BFA 99 Graphic) 
  • San Diego: June Rubin (BFA 84 Illustration), Chuck Pelly (BS 58 Product) 
  • Seattle: Ian Sands (BS 95 Product) 
  • Portland: Lynn Latta (BFA 88 Advertising)
  • New York: Jeff Silva (BFA 02 Graphic), Greg Wong (BFA 05 Graphic)
  • Austin: Greg Greeson (BS 77 Transportation), Lloyd Walker (BFA 84 Transportation), Rocco Calandruccio (BS 03 Product)
  • Dallas: Doug May (BFA 80 Advertising), Patrick Ollila (BFA 01 Illustration)
  • Berlin: Michael Sans (BS 97 Product) 
  • Cologne, Germany: Stefan Pannebecker (BS 92 Product), Andreas Wilhelm (BS 92 Product) Munich: Alexandre Janvier (BFA 95 Communications), Rudolf Voigt (BS 97 Transportation) 
  • Tokyo: Fumi Sasada (BFA 78 Graphic)
  • Beijing: Lan Yu (MS 15 Industrial) 
  • Shanghai: Clement Yip (BFA 94 Graphic) 
  • Taipei: Ai Su Bonnier (BS 07 Transportation), Jane Kung (BFA 01 Photography), Andrew Liu (BFA 99 Illustration) 
  • Seoul: SeungIn Kim (MFA 97 Film) 

Chapter Volunteers
The chapter chair and Alumni Relations staff may enlist additional chapter volunteers depending on regional need and involvement opportunities.

  • These volunteers work with the chapter chair based on their availability to:
  • Provide feedback and direction for regional programmingDesign event invitations
  • Take photos at regional events
  • Host events or encourage alumni attendance at events
  • Serve as contacts for students and recent graduates
  • Develop event sponsorship
  • Inform Alumni Relations about events and alumni news of local interest. 

How do I start a Chapter?

Contact Alumni Relations for a chapter or networking/communication plan customized to your region. An area is designated as a formal chapter when there is a sufficient amount of interested alumni in the region and when committed volunteers are in place to help sustain chapter activity.

Chapter regions typically contain a minimum of 40 alumni, with greater activity taking place in regions with 500 or more alumni, and the largest amount of activity in those areas with 1000 alumni (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York).

If you live in an area where there are very few alumni, you may consider connecting with each other informally. The Office of Alumni Relations can create a communication plan or provide you with contact information to help assist with networking.

Alumni Ambassadors

There are approximately 20,000 ArtCenter alumni around the world.

ArtCenter’s Alumni Ambassador program increases the visibility of the alumni network, and enables alumni to connect with each other.

When relocating, traveling or working abroad, you may contact ambassadors for advice via email.

Who is an ArtCenter Alumni Ambassador?

For alumni who want to be more involved and better connected to ArtCenter’s network, we encourage you to become an ArtCenter Alumni Ambassador.

Ambassadors communicate with alumni who have interest in their area of residence.

We would love to increase the presence of alumni ambassadors in additional cities and nations – if you are interested in serving in your area, please send an email to alumni@artcenter.edu.

How do I contact an ArtCenter Alumni Ambassador?

To contact any alumni ambassador, email alumni@artcenter.edu .

Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate ambassador, who will respond directly to your inquiry. Inquiries can include a variety of questions, such as,

  • “We’re traveling to Berlin, what is the best area to stay in to get a sense of the art scene?” 
  • “Who are the biggest employers of designers in Madrid?” 
  • “Can you put me in touch with a freelance photographer in Philadelphia?” 

Inappropriate questions such as, “I'm going to be in Stockholm in two weeks, can I stay at your house?” will not be forwarded, although we may recommend a better way to phrase the question, such as, “Can you recommend a cheap hostel in Stockholm?” Please restrict your inquiries to questions that cannot be generally answered by searching online.

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