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Community Hubs

Unique to the ArtCenter educational experience, we’ve established Community Hubs in strategic locations around the world—cities leading the way in art, design and innovation—for the purpose of creative exploration and community building.

Located in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Shenzhen (with more international and domestic locations to be announced), our community hubs are made possible in large part due to alumni and industry partners, who have helped us identify studios and makerspaces to host ArtCenter activities, and who serve as guest speakers and workshop facilitators, making each hub unique to its environment.

These locations don’t function as classrooms. Coursework is conducted in Pasadena, online, or is specific to our Exchange and Study Away programs. Instead, these hubs serve as a nexus for lectures and hands-on workshops, shared makerspaces and social gatherings, giving students, alumni and industry partners an opportunity to network and collaborate.

Alumni Advisors


Melody Yao BS 2011


Funi Ding BS 2015
Haidy Gong BS 2016

Yizheng Duanmu (Product Design)


Moonjiu Kim BFA 1998
Jahee Lee BFA 1990, MFA 1992
Jin Hyun Park BS 1999

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