ArtCenter Honor Roll for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 2018–June 2019)

Totals reflect cash received within the fiscal year.

Key:ArtCenter 100


Bruce Heavin BFA 93 Illustration and Lynda Weinman
Jerry Johnson* BFA 59 Advertising and Nancy Johnson
Melissa and Michael Lora


The Ahmanson Foundation
Estate of Pamela Blackwell
Terri and Jerry Kohl
Emily and Sam Mann
Mary and David Martin
Lowell Milken Family Foundation and Professor Leah Toby Hoffmitz*, Honorary Alumna
Merle and Peter Mullin
The Rose Hills Foundation
Alyce de Roulet Williamson
Zodiac Aerospace


Adidas AG
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Don* and Ailene Chambers Mustang Country
Richard and Jean Coyne Family Foundation
Daimler Trucks North America LLC
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Google Inc.
Harry Hathaway
Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation
Logitech International S.A.
The Estate of Elise Mudd Marvin
Nissan Design
PSA-Peugeot-Citroën S.A.
San Marino League
SIG Technology AG
Truck Accessories Group, LLC
Vans, Inc.
Xiaoju Science and Technology Ltd.


Jeffrey Barbakow and Margo Baker Barbakow
Eric M. Boisvert MFA 04 Media Design Practices, Meaningful Works
Bettina Chandler
The Ray Charles Foundation
CNH Industrial America LLC
Ronald Galella BFA 57 Photography
Jeffrey and Cecilia Glassman
Phil Hettema Illustration
Linda Hill and Roger Breitbart
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Pasadena Art Alliance
Phillip Sarofim
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
Vero Labs, Inc.


Mary and Ron Bension
Lorne M. Buchman and Rochelle Shapell
City of Santa Monica
Douglas Andelin BFA 87 Illustration and Sandy Siegal
Mark Fennimore BFA 86 Advertising
Ford Motor Company Fund
Bill Gross and Marcia Goodstein
Haworth, Inc.
Joseph Henry* and S. Stanley Gordon
Huami, Inc., LLC
Joseph Lacko BFA 97 Film and Rayne Lacko
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Su Mathews Hale and Brooks Hale
The Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles
Metal Finishing Association of Southern California, Inc.
Wendy Munger and Leonard Gumport
Charles Nearburg and Karen Miller
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
The Mary Pickford Foundation
Portland State University
Brenda Potter
Julian Ryder BFA 72 Advertising and Joanna Ryder
Sentient Research
State Street Foundation Inc. Matching Gift Program
Reiner Triltsch and Michelle Watson
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Mike Warsaw BS 90 Transportation Design and Debbie Warsaw
Judy Webb
Xuan Yu MS 06 Industrial Design and De Liu MS 15 Industrial Design


Sean Adams and Michael Boshnaick
American Cancer Society
Rob Ball BS 83 Environmental Design
The Getty Foundation
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Professor Gloria A. Kondrup MFA 93 Graphic/Packaging
The Lenart Art Education Foundation
Mary Beth and Luke Montoya
Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Hector Robledo* BFA 56 Advertising
Paul Rogers BFA 80 Illustration
Leah R. Sklar
David Zwirner


Grace Ray Anderson
Ann Dobson Barrett and Olin Barrett
Kevin Bethune MS 12 Industrial Design and Sefanit Bethune
Marina Chang BS 88 Environmental Design and Orrin Shively BS 84 Transportation Design
Michael Coit
Barbara and Wesley Coleman
Tom Cordner, Jr. BFA 72 Advertising and Mary Lim
Tim Delaney BS 72 Product Design and Susan Delaney
Glenn Gee BS 73 Product Design and Melissa Gee
Chris Hacker
Karen Hofmann BS 97 Product Design
Judith G. Kelly
Christine Kim and Kevin Cho
Ramone Muñoz BFA 77 Advertising, MFA 90 Art and Tom Jacobson
Jennifer and Bryan Murphy
Andy Ogden BS 83 Transportation Design and Shelley Short BS 85 Product Design
Matthew Rolston Photography
Babette Strousse
Estate of Mary Jo Torrelli Thomas and Harold Thomas
Tracy Wong BFA 84 Advertising and Jennifer Wong
Nicki and Tim Yanke
Scott Yu BS 82 Transportation Design

$1,000 - $2,499

Sara and George Abdo
Elaine and Peter Adams
Dawn Ahrens and David Gooding
Lynn Aldrich MFA 86 Art
Mary and Nick Alexander
Eric A. Ayzenberg BFA 87 Advertising
Gwen and Guil Babcock
Jack Bankowsky and Matthew Marks
Kit and David Baron
Janice and Thomas Bea
Chantal and Stephen Bennett
Julieta and Jeffrey Bennett
Bruce Bittle BS 62 Product Design
Jeannie Blackburn
Bob Bliven BS 73 Product Design
Bloom Hergott Diemer, et al.
Blum and Poe
Marsha Bohr
Deborah and Franklin Booth
Douglas Boyd BS 66 Transportation Design and Linda Boyd
Lisa and Wayne Brandt
Judy and David Brown
Wendel Bruss
Bruce Burdick BS 61 Environmental Design and Susan Burdick
Marni Burns
Shirley Burton
Sigrid Burton and Max Brennan
Susan and John Caldwell
Sioux Cann
Ileana and John Cataldo
Sue and Stephen Chandler
Margaret Leong Checca and Michael Checca
Thomas Gilmore MS 17 Industrial Design and Agnes Chu
Sherrill and Paul Colony
Francine Tolkin Cooper and Herbert Cooper
Hilary Crahan
Linda Stewart Dickason
Jennifer Diener
Michael DiPietro
Regina Dowling-Jones
Teresa Eggers
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Gail and James Ellis
Phyllis and Donald Epstein
Annette Ermshar and Dan Monahan
Georgianna Erskine
Fred Fehlau BFA 79 Fine Art, MFA 88 Art
Earl Gee BFA 83 Graphic/Packaging and Fani Chung
Brian Gleason
Jered Gold and Nickolas Teague
Walter Gollwitzer BS 63 Product Design and Jo Ann Gollwitzer
Marty Grasser BFA 09 Illustration and Joan Grasser
Harriet Green
Betsy Greenberg
Allison S. Grimmett
Heather and Paul Haaga, Jr.
Kelsey Browne Hall
Emily and Henry Hancock
LeAnn and Michael Healy
Carol and Warner Henry
Hitter Family Foundation
Valerie Foster Hoffman
Joan Hotchkis
Donald Huie BS 62 Product Design and Shirley Huie
Jane Hulick
Nancy and Carl Hulick
Wayne Hunt and Carla Walecka
Kim Hurlbert-Sarosi and Andrew Sarosi
Barbara and Frank Jameson
Maria Khader Karp and Chris Karp
Patricia Ketchum
Stan Kong BS 83 Product Design and Lisa Kong
Andrew Kramer BS 73 Environmental Design and Carol Kramer
Sandra Kulli
Denise and Ming Lai
Amelia and David Lamb
Richard Kenneth Law Industrial Design
Sandra Law BFA 83 Advertising and Chuck Law
Margo Leavin
Jahee Kim Lee BFA 90 Fashion Illustration, MFA 92 Illustration
Wendee Lee BS 02 Product Design
Michael Levasheff BFA 75 Photography
Kay and David Linden
Gail Lovejoy
Shelly and Dennis Lowe
Stan Lucas
Mona and Frank Mapel
David Marek BS 87 Transportation Design
Mega Lab Media
Jerrine and Thomas Mitchell
Darryl Mori
Peter Morton
Seeley W. Mudd Foundation
The Muhs Family Foundation
Heidrun Mumper-Drumm and Richard Drumm
Ann and Peter Murphy
Katherine Murray-Morse and Doug Morse
Franklin Story Musgrave
Kathy and Doug Nagy
Maggie and Ralph Navarro
Mary Adams O'Connell and Kevin O'Connell
Carolyn Oliver and Brent Covey
Annette and Peter O'Malley
Sabrina Poon
Charles Potter BFA 86 Photography
Judy and Ben Reiling
Winnie Reitnouer
Gloria Renwick
Peter Rhoads BS 61 Product Design
Louise and Robert Ritchie
Lawrence Rodgers BS 77 Transportation Design
Juls and Andy Rooke
Heather and James Rosenfield
Jerry Rosenstock
Linda Salvati BFA 82 Graphic/Packaging and Jim Salvati BFA 82 Illustration
Irene Sang
Betty Sargent
Richard Saurer BS 65 Product Design
Ray and Janet Scherr Foundation
Mary and Robert Schureman
Judy Score
Annette and Steven Serrurier
David Shannon BFA 83 Illustration and Heidi Shannnon
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton
Christine Sisley and Ken Garen
Joni and Clark* Smith
Brien Spanier BFA 88 Advertising and Kristine Spanier
Janet and Alan Stanford
Barbara Mann Steinwedell and Bill Steinwedell
Wakako Takagi BS 06 Product Design and Fridolin Beisert MS 08 Industrial Design
Kelly and Mark Talt
Laney and Tom Techentin
Geneva and Charles Thornton
Siddharth Vanchinathan MS 12 Industrial Design
Joyce Ward
Julie and Scott Ward
Carolyn and Craig Watson
Valerie and Aaron Weiss
Pae White MFA 91 Art and Tom Marble
Cici Williamson
Gretchen and Todd Zelek
Patty and Bob Zuber


(4 Anonymous)
Meredith Abbott BFA 62 Illustration and Duncan Abbott
Susan Abrahamson BFA 92 Graphic/Packaging and Norman Abrahamson
Edward Acuna BFA 74 Illustration and Gail Acuna
Larry Adames
Anthony Agriam BS 01 Environmental Design
Robin Hideko Akashi MFA 18 Art
Roy Alder BFA 60 Advertising
Aiko Alegria BFA 04 Advertising
Catherine and Scott Alexander
Hugh Alexander BFA 84 Illustration
Charles Allen, Jr. BS 68 Product Design
Lynn Allen BFA 85 Advertising
Nathan Allen BS 02 Product Design Inc.
AmazonSmile Foundation
Victoria Amezcua
Davis Ammons BS 65 Product Design and Virginia Ammons
Natalie Anaston BFA 93 Advertising
Heather Anderson
Lisa and Roger Anderson
David Arnold BFA 63 Advertising Illustration and Jan Arnold
Richard Arrindell BFA 76 Photography
Mario Ascencio
Jason Asch
Catherine Babcock
Kim Baer
Jackie Baker
Maria Baltazzi MFA 94 Film
Rebecca Holler Barkley BS 72 Environmental Design and Alben Barkley
Don Barnett BFA 94 Illustration
Bill Barranco BS 77 Transportation Design
Edward Gordon Barrett
Robert Bashore BFA 84 Graphic/Packaging and Linda Bashore
Adele Bass BFA 81 Graphic/Packaging, MFA 01 Media Design Practices
Lisa and Charles Battaglia
Darin Beaman BFA 90, MFA 97 Graphic/Packaging
BeautyKind Foundation
Safir Bellali BS 01 Transportation Design
Katherine Bennett MS 13 Industrial Design
Darren Benson
Jeremiah Berger BFA 15 Illustration
Robin Berman BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging
Marta Betancourt-Prince
Mac Billups BS 69 Environmental Design and Carolyn Billups
Lisa Blair
Sepi Bloome BFA 92 Graphic/Packaging and Gerardo Herrera BFA 91 Graphic/Packaging
Peter Bloomer BFA 67 Photography and Mary Mulcahy-Bloomer
Bonnie Boettcher Briggs BFA 68 Advertising and Robert Briggs BS 69 Product Design
Teri J. Bond
Deborah Boone BFA 94 Graphic/Packaging
Juanita and Archie Boston
Kristine Bowne
Robert Brackenbury BS 50 Product Design
Bunker Bradley BS 79 Transportation Design
Timothy Bradley BFA 80, MFA 81 Photography
Ronald-James Braithwaite BFA 69 Advertising
Thomas Breeden BFA 94 Illustration and Rosemary Snyder
Carol Brereton
Geoffrey Brewerton BFA 13 Graphic Design
Daniel Brewster BFA 95 Photography
John Bricker
Constance Brooks
Donna and Victor Brown
Rob Bruce BS 93 Product Design and Alexandra Leonard
Zachary Buchman MS 17 Industrial Design
Bill Burchett
Gayle Burns
Philip Burns
John Burrows BS 72 Environmental Design and Cathy Burrows
Rey Bustos BFA 89 Illustration
Steven Butler BFA 13 Film
Annika Buxman BFA 95 Graphic/Packaging and Ty Buxman
Sean Callinan
David Campbell BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging
Laura Campbell
Mary and Frank Carone
Bruce Carroll BFA 75 Photography and Janie Kay
Britt-Marie and Donald Chadwick
Nancy and Martin Chalifour
Sylvia Chan BFA 79 Advertising
Esther Chang BFA 10 Graphic Design
Cindy and Kevin Chang
Robert Chave
Christian Chavez
Edgar Cheung
Judy Chin
David Chow BFA 93 Graphic/Packaging
James Chu BS 89 Product Design and Vicki Chen
Patricia and Charles Chubak
Hui Suan Chung
Mikel Cirkus BFA 86 Advertising and Christine Cirkus
Wayne Clark BFA 78 Graphic/Packaging
Mark Clarke
Paul Coffey BFA 81 Graphic/Packaging
Eleanor Cohen Louis BFA 89 Illustration
Russ Cohen BFA 88 Advertising and Constance Cohen
Brent Collins BS 87 Product Design
Nathan Cooke BS 08 Product Design
Bob Cooley BFA 49 Advertising
Terry Coolidge BFA 95 Illustration and Karen Coolidge
Bette and John Cooper
Joshua Costella
Valorie Cox BFA 80 Graphic/Packaging and Fred Cox
Tahnee Cracchiola Photography
Calin Crawford
Tony Crisp
Jeremy Cristiano
Karl Curran
Kim and Hal Curtis
Ann Cutting BFA 87 Photography and Thomas Soulanille
Larry Czapla
Aurelia D'Amore BFA 01 Photography
Chuck Davidson BFA 64 Advertising and Deena Davidson
Barbara Davis Reynolds BFA 80 Illustration and R.B. Reynolds
Tammy Dayton
Irene DeBerry BFA 97 Advertising
Cindy Debold BFA 73 Illustration
Lujan I. Decima BFA 05 Graphic Design
Sayan Dehghan BS 11 Product Design
Delta Graphics
Veronica Denny BFA 86 Graphic/Packaging
Design Studio Press
JoJo and Fred Diedrich
Keiko Doi BFA 97 Fine Art
Natalie Dominguez BFA 17 Film
Michael Doyle
Jonathan Duncan BS 98 Transportation Design and Molly Cybuck
Laine Dunham BFA 81 Illustration
Michael Dunn
Durre Design, Inc.
Deanna Eaton
Vanessa Eckstein MFA 94 Graphic/Packaging and Fernando Arrioja
Tim Effler BFA 79 Illustration and Paula Effler
Laurence Eggers
Ellen Eisner
Ann Enkoji
Leslie Evans MS 13 Industrial Design
Paul Evans
Jennifer Faist
Hunter Farmer
Rosa Farrer
Roderick Fenn BFA 00 Graphic/Packaging
Bill Ferris BFA 84 Photography and Marsha Donaldson
Melanie Fiacchino
Quinn Ford
Laurie Freitag
Sherry Fruge
Caren Furbeyre BFA 83 Fine Art, MFA 90 Art and Erle Furbeyre BFA 83 Advertising
Gilbert Garcia BS 71 Product Design
Rodrigo Garcia
Stephanie Garcia BFA 91 Illustration
Eileen and Dick Garson
Owen Gee BFA 08 Graphic Design
Doug Geller BS 76 Product Design
Hillary Geller BFA 94 Graphic/Packaging
Marni Luhta Gerber BS 85 Product Design
Errol Gerson
Darlene Geyer
Bruce Geyman BS 65 Product Design and Nan Dearborn
Katherine Gezalian
Jason Gholston BFA 00 Film and Robin Gholston
Maria Rendon BFA 92 Illustration and Robert Giaimo BFA 74 Advertising
Vern Gillum BFA 65 Advertising
Chuck Godfrey BS 97 Product Design
Kristina Godfrey BFA 08 Illustration
Carin Goldberg
Paula Goodman
Greg Greeson BS 77 Transportation Design and Joni Greeson
Valerie Gresham BFA 90 Fine Art and Bruce Gresham
Nancy J. Greystone
Susan Griak BFA 90 Advertising
Marsha and Joe Grieco, Grieco Research Group, Inc.
David Griffiths BS 65 Product Design
Tom Hale BS 66 Product Design and Fran Hale
Dianne and Peter Halpin
Richard Haluschak
Andrew Hara BFA 09 Photography
William Hare BFA 93 Photography and Kristi Hare
Lisa Harmon BFA 86 Illustration
Richard Hatch BS 67 Product Design and Mary Hatch
Brian Havard BS 68 Product Design
Devin Hawker BFA 84 Film and Wendy Hawker
Allen Hawthorne BS 61 Product Design
Marguerite Hennacy
Jack Hermsen BFA 72 Advertising and Kathryn Hermsen
Bryan Hernandez
Stella Hernandez-Salazar BS 11 Environmental Design
Christine and Curt Hessler
Ron Hill BS 54 Transportation Design and Phyllis Hill
Donna and Albert Hofmann
Erna Hohertz BFA 00 Graphic/Packaging
Marta Holen
John Hollidge
Heather Holmstrom BFA 93 Graphic/Packaging and Steve Holmstrom
Gretchen Hopley MFA 08 Film
Olivera Horwath
Kathy and Steve Hoskins
Carolyn Houde
Thomas Huntford
Sandra Hutchings
Romualdo Impas BS 92 Product Design and Stacy Lewis
Norman K. Inouye BS 68 Product Design and Elsie Inouye
Catherynne Jean BFA 80 Illustration
Gabrielle Jennings MFA 94 Art and Ethan Johnson
Jean Joe
Ariel Johnson BS 08 Environmental Design
Glade Johnson BS 69 Transportation Design
Joan Johnson BFA 68 Advertising
Robbert Johnson
Lora and Darin Johnstone
David Joshi
Dae Wook Jung BS 17 Transportation Design
Neeti Kailas MS 13 Industrial Design
Stella Kalinina BFA 13 Photography and David Beltran-del-Rio
Gareth Kantz
Joy and Scott Kecken
David K. Kellogg
Kennedy Prints, LLC
Tracy Kerr
Usman Khan
Rami Khoury BS 15 Transportation Design
Brent Kikawa BS 81 Product Design and Eve Kikawa
Carolline Kim
Daeshik Kim BS 02 Transportation Design
Evan Kleiman
Tim Kobe BS 82 Environmental Design
Richard Kong BS 88 Transportation Design
Lori Koop BFA 98 Fine Art
Richard Kornblith
Erich Kruse
Peter G. Kudrave
Alison and William Kuehn
Janet Kupchick BFA 84 Advertising Illustration and Alan Kupchick
L.A. Photo Curator
Rene Lagler BFA 65 Advertising and Gloria Loring
Laird Norton Real Estate, Inc.
Catarina Lam
Paula Langan BFA 73 Advertising
George Larkins II BFA 93 Photography
Emily and Michael Laskin
Lynn Latta BFA 88 Advertising
Kathy and Daniel Lau
Elaine Lax
John LeeWong BFA 75 Advertising
Laura Leiman BFA 99 Graphic/Packaging and James Leiman
Ann Lesch BFA 84 Advertising and Norman Lesch
Felicia Levy Weston BS 87 Product Design
Glenn Levy BFA 66 Advertising and Natalie Levy
Dick Lewellen BS 58 Product Design and Muriel Lewellen
Kathy Lewis
Jenni Li
David Ligare BFA 65 Illustration
Luc Limbourg BFA 91 Communications and Patricia Limbourg
Linda Lin
The Linda Vistans
Ron Llanos BFA 03 Illustration
Carol and Sarah Lobb
Steve Lomas BFA 79 Film
Eileen Longacre BFA 73 Fine Art
Fanny and Raymond Louey
David Luce BFA 85 Illustration
Sherry Lucks
Thomas Majich
Jay Malloy BS 84 Product Design and Vivian Terr
Michael Maltzan
Greg Mann BFA 86 Illustration and Sloane Mann
Sandy Mar BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging
Robert Marcks BS 53 Product Design and Roberta Marcks
Michelle Marks BFA 93 Graphic/Packaging and Joseph Maller
Arnold Martin
Sandra Martin
Dorothy and John Matthiessen
Mitchell Mauk BFA 79 Graphic/Packaging and Solange Mauk
Matt Mayes
Paula Mazur
Lynne McCready BFA 85 Photography
Melodie McDaniel BFA 91 Photography
Joyce McGilvray
Jason McGinnity BS 15 Transportation Design
Drew McGray
Kristen McGregor BFA 89 Photography and Richard McGregor
Behnoush McKay BFA 91 Graphic/Packaging
Joan B. McQuarrie
Karl Mead BS 92 Product Design
Dimitre Mehandjiysky BS 99 Product Design
Janya Menges BFA 15 Graphic Design
Robert Mesrop BFA 60 Advertising
Cole Meyer
Gary Meyer BFA 59 Illustration and Hiroko Meyer
Pablo Meyer BS 82 Product Design
Lisa Michie
Paul Milkie BFA 77 Photography
Robert Minuzzo Illustration and Anni Minuzzo
Clement Mok BFA 80 Graphic/Packaging
Bill Molzon BS 63 Transportation Design
Jane Moon BFA 06 Graphic Design
Wan Hee and Kyung Ho Moon
Richard Moore BFA 68 Advertising and Noriko Moore
Lizzy A. Morin
Patricia Moritz and Christopher Bonura
Gale Morris BS 58 Transportation
Sally Morrow BFA 86 Graphic/Packaging
Tate Mosesian BFA 91 Illustration and Sophia Gasparian
Thomas Mueller MFA 95 New Media and Marielle Wilkes
Renae and Gary Muller
Dave Muyres BS 88 Transportation Design and Stephanie Muyres
Albert Myers BFA 76 Photography and Louise Myers
Caroline Nagy and Andrew Cornelius
Peilin Nee BFA 91 Graphic/Packaging
Philip Nemer BFA 79 Graphic/Packaging
Bryan Nesbitt BS 93 Transportation Design
Aarish Netarwala MS 17 Industrial Design
Deborah Newman BFA 86 Graphic/Packaging
Sue Nichols
Jenny Noa
Vibeke Nødskov BFA 90 Communications and Lars Busekist
Joyce and Leon Noe
Natalija Nogulich
Mary Oeffling
Wilhelm Oehl BS 94 Product Design
Sandra Faye Oppegard BFA 63 Illustration
Lisa Ott Bottom BS 79 Environmental Design
Theodor Owens BFA 81 Illustration
Randy Oxley BFA 95 Illustration
Gregory Pagel BS 01 Environmental Design
Ramsay Palmer
Justine Limpus Parish Illustration
Daniel Park BS 06 Product Design
Pash Pashkow
Gasper Patrico and Melissa Almon
Mark Penberthy BFA 82 Illustration
Donald Personius BFA 53 Advertising
Susan Petelik
Vesna Petrovic
Audrey and Paul Pettyjohn
Kathleen and Mark Phair
Laura Phillips BFA 88 Illustration
Rosemarie Piccioni
John Piccolo BFA 61 Advertising Illustration
Richard Pietruska BS 70 Transportation
Marjorie Politi BFA 86 Advertising and James Politi
George Porcari BFA 86 Fine Art, MFA 87 Art
Juan Posada
Garrett Poulos
Rocky Powell BFA 83 Photography
John Pratt BFA 58 Advertising
Mariana Prieto BS 12 Product Design and Daniel Alexander
Brian Queen
Molly Quinn BFA 87 Illustration
Ray Quirolgico
Karoline Raben BFA 90 Communications and Jacob Raben
Daniel Radowicz BFA 69 Advertising and Rita Radowicz
Jean Rasenberger MFA 92 Art
Redesign Redefined, Inc
Steven Rieman BS 74 Product Design and Ruth Rieman
Connie Rodgers BFA 93 Fine Art
Jay Rosenberg
Gregory Ross
Susan Ryan BFA 71 Illustration and Mike Gray
John Salandria
Sandra Sampson BFA 88 Graphic/Packaging and Scott Sampson
Louise Sandhaus
Mel Sant BFA 64 Advertising
Domenick Satterberg BFA 06 Film
Ethan Scheeper
Paula Scher
John Schrenk BS 94 Transportation Design
Kenneth Schuster BFA 71 Photography
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc
Maria Schyberg-Van Halen BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging and Alex Van Halen
Dylan Searle
Celesta Segerstrom-Terry BFA 69 Advertising Illustration
William Sheu BS 96 Product Design and Dianna Sheu
Lynn Shook BFA 68 Advertising
Mark and Margaret Shumate
Rosemary Simmons
Saharut Sirichai BS 00 Product Design
Thomas Smiley MS 15 Industrial Design
Aaron Smith BFA 88 Illustration
Clyde Smith II BFA 58 Illustration
Gordon Smith BFA 50 Photography
Pamela Smith BFA 81 Graphic/Packaging and Jerry Smith
W. R. Smith
Brittany and Joseph Sorrentino
Nicole Splater BFA 06 Graphic Design
Spreadshirt, Inc.
Pamela and Foster Stahl
Abby and Lars Stalfors
Jenny Stephens
Tom Stern
Terry Stone
Erling Storvik Graphic/Packaging and Liv Leirvaag
Sean Stratton BFA 90 Film and Petra Stratton
Charlotte Streng
Vanessa Stump BFA 00 Photography
Doug Suisman
Amy and Mark Swain
Woody Swain BFA 76 Advertising and Greggie Swain
Gail and William Taber
Farnaz Taher BFA 10 Advertising
Naga Tandjung BS 88 Transportation Design
Naomi TaubeBFA 79 Advertising and Lawrence Taube
Glenda Gilkey Teague BS 78 Environmental Design
David Tillinghast BFA 85 Illustration
Terri Timlin MA 06 Art Criticisim & Theory
John Toffoli BFA 84 Graphic/Packaging
Susan and Michael Toth
Jim Trask BFA 74 Environmental Design and Cathy Trask
Janet Trompeter-Polachek BFA 84 Advertising and John Polachek
Ann Tullo
Si Tun
Elinor and Rubin Turner
Takao Umehara BFA 02 Graphic Design
Steve Urban BFA 73 Photography
Janet Ursell
Charles Van Horn BFA 65 Advertising
Kerry Vanderberg
Kathleen Viscum Sauer
S. J. von Kalinowski
Christopher Vournakis
Petrula Vrontikis
Steve Walag BFA 88 Photography and Barbara Walag
Dana Walker-Juick BFA 95 Photography
Judith and Roger Wallenstein
Bud Warashina BS 71 Product Design
Stuart Watson BFA 83 Photography
Pascual Wawoe BS 97 Product Design
Alan Weber BFA 76 Photography
Merlana and Allen Weingarten
Kurt Weiss BFA 83 Photography
Benjamin Wellington
Andrea Wertheim
Dennis White
Marie White BFA 77 Graphic/Packaging
Ronald Wilkniss
Liz and Andy Wilson
Greg Wilzbach BS 79 Product Design and Nancy Wilzbach
Michael Winder
Mrs. George Windrum
Dan Wolfe BFA 69 Photography and Patricia Wolfe
Laury Wolfe BFA 68 Advertising and Sheridan Wolfe
Leonard Wozniak BS 01 Product Design
Edward Yamada BS 66 Environmental Design and Jo Ann Yamada
Dice Yamaguchi BS 08 Product Design
Lenna Yamamichi BFA 01 Graphic Design
Grace Yang-Antonides BFA 90 Graphic/Packaging and Frank Antonides
Diane Yoshimura
Ben Young BFA 62 Photography and Lynne Young
Jessica Luttkus and Rob Young
Nino Yuniardi BFA 97 Graphic/Packaging
Judith and Marvin Zeidler
Vincent Zhang BS 18 Product Design

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