Prerequisite: For acceptance into one of these minors, students must have taken Writing Studio or Writing Studio Intensive or have passed the writing placement exam.

Creative Writing

Narrative Strategies 3
Two creative writing courses such as:
Short Story 3
Poetry Workshop 3
Screenwriting 3
Writing for Video Games 3
Children’s Literature 3
One literature course such as:
Genre Literature 3
Greek Mythology 3
Immigrant/1st Generation American Literature 3
James Joyce’s Ulysses 3
Magical Realisms 3
Moby Dick 3
Queer Voices Across Literature 3
Shakespeare Plays and Films 3
Culminating with:
Capstone Course 3
Certain creative writing-based Transdisciplinary Studio (TDS) courses, can substitute for a writing course.


Business and Economics 3
Three of the following courses:
Business of Licensing 3
Intellectual Property 3
Money Math for the Right Brain 3
Brand Strategies OR Brand Matters 3
Designing a Social Enterprise 3
Intro to Entrepreneurship 3
Culminating with:
Capstone Course 3