February 19, 2017

U.S. Travel Ban

The following message from ArtCenter College of Design President Lorne M. Buchman was sent to students, faculty and staff on January 30, 2017.

Dear ArtCenter Community,

The executive order signed this past Friday night that imposes a travel ban on visitors to the United States from seven largely Muslim countries compels me to write to you with a statement reaffirming our values as a College and our unswerving commitment to the well-being and protection of all members of the ArtCenter community. Given the heightened anxieties evident to all of us in the last couple of days, I want to stress in particular our commitment to our Muslim students, faculty and staff.

Earlier this month, I sent a memorandum intended to establish ArtCenter's position and frame our response to some of the current political conditions we face. I articulated at that time the hope that the Board of Trustees would vote on a Resolution that represented the College’s position and the principles of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination behind that position. I am pleased to report that the executive committee of the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the Resolution. 

As to the specific executive order limiting travel and entry into the United States, I want to state unequivocally that ArtCenter will do all it reasonably can do to protect international students, faculty and staff and to provide whatever resources we can to the global community of this College. That includes but is not limited to legal and financial aid assistance, accommodation of individual circumstances that might impede academic progress, and focused efforts to work with our congressional representatives to resist the unfair treatment of our colleagues and fellow students.

The Center for Student Experience (CSE) continues to offer international student advising, and I encourage any students who have questions or concerns about the recent travel ban to seek assistance. We are also identifying ArtCenter students currently studying abroad through our Exchange and Study Away programs who might need support. In addition, please note the following:

  • Employees with loved ones abroad or who are expecting to travel outside of the United States are advised to review their travel plans, pay attention to all advisories and regulations. The College’s EAP consultants are also available free of charge to you for additional assistance. Please contact HR for the phone number.
  • Students (domestic or international) planning to travel outside of the United States in the future are urged to pay attention to all advisories and regulations and to review all educational or professional travel plans with your department chair, your mentor, the Exchange and Study Away Programs office, or the international student advisor in the CSE.

Fundamental to our mission is the imperative to “influence change.” We will not stand idly by while others suffer, especially when it is within our power to work toward change. Your creativity and your courageous problem solving are needed and can effect positive change for our community and our country. I urge us all to stay involved and active.

Lorne M. Buchman
ArtCenter College of Design

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