April 30, 2020

ArtCenter College of Design Commits Up to $5 Million in Student Aid as Part of COVID-19 Response

Summer Term to be Offered Entirely Online

ArtCenter College of Design, a private, nonprofit leader in art and design education, has committed up to $5 million in student aid in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Aid will take the form of a one-time $3,000 grant applied to tuition for each full-time student enrolled in the College’s summer program. The summer term kicks off May 16 and will be offered entirely online.

Additional student aid will come in the form of a waiver of the College’s standard Universal Access Fee of $350 for all students, which would otherwise provide access to on-campus resources, including fabrication shops, computer labs, sound stages, the library and other facilities.

“Students are at the forefront of our thoughts and planning as we carve a path forward,” said ArtCenter President Lorne Buchman. “There’s been enough disruption in our world, and I feel a deep responsibility to ensure our students can continue their studies, uninterrupted and with as much ease as possible.”

“This global pandemic has called for creativity and agility, and—with full support of ArtCenter’s Board of Trustees—marshalling our resources to provide immediate aid seemed to be the most compassionate and reasonable thing to do,” Buchman added.

Beyond this equitable distribution of aid, the College continues to administer more than $20 million in scholarships every year to students who demonstrate both financial need and artistic merit. Additionally, College officials have added $50,000 to an existing emergency response fund for students who exhibit significant financial hardship and need immediate relief due to food or housing insecurity and other devastating circumstances.

Like many colleges, ArtCenter pivoted to a remote teaching and distance learning model in the middle of the Spring term due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t hampered the College’s ability to provide a comprehensive art and design education.

“While ArtCenter is well-known for immersing students in a culture of creativity and making, the shift to online education is preparing our students to make the most of unexpected opportunities,” said ArtCenter Provost Karen Hofmann.

“We firmly believe that artists and designers are uniquely positioned to tackle challenges in our world and create a positive, inclusive and thriving future,” she continued. “In fact, we’re finding industry hungry for the critical skills our students are developing—digital competencies, adaptability and creative problem-solving.”

On an individual basis, ArtCenter has responded to students’ need to access hardware, software and broadband internet service while participating in distance learning.

Additionally, most offices that administer student services remain available to support students as staff members work remotely.

As part of ArtCenter’s longstanding ties to industry, the College adheres to a year-long academic calendar and accommodates rolling admissions, which allows most students to enroll in the Spring, Summer or Fall. The Summer term is scheduled to take place May 16 through August 22. Both continuing and first-time students are entitled to the full-time grant this Summer.

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