two men walking on bridge at Hillside Campus

Returning to Campus

Employees On Campus

We are a hybrid work and teaching environment. Your on-campus experience as faculty or staff member will depend on your job.


Your department chair will assign your class(es) based on whether you are teaching on-ground or virtually. You are free to access campus no matter your schedule. All service operations are fully open to help facilitate and support your classroom experience. Please follow the safety protocols and practices addressed on this site, which are designed to ensure the safety of our campus community.


Based on your job, and whether it requires face-to-face engagement with faculty, staff, students and/or visitors, your supervisor will determine and communicate your schedule.  Staff may be scheduled into one of the following work methods: on-ground, hybrid, remote-in-region or remote out-of-region. You are free to access campus no matter your schedule to facilitate and support your work experience.  Please follow the safety protocols and practices designed to ensure the safety of our campus community.

Working in the Office

Although our campuses and public spaces are open, we must remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still active. With that in mind, a safety culture remains how we guide all practices and protocols. Department heads have been charged with determining office coverage in a way that supports servicing our community members, while also remaining safe.

We recognize that being away from the physical locations and not being face-to-face with colleagues have been challenging. However, we must still operate with caution. Department heads will determine if work schedules need to stagger or need to be on alternating days. Not all staff should be in the departmental office at the same time unless there is clear separation of space by cubicles and private offices, and mask requirements outlined on this site are followed.

Always sanitize after sharing office equipment such as the copier, fax machine and the like. Do not share personal computers, pens, or other office items that may be passed between individuals. Ensure your office supplies include sanitation wipes.

Food in the Office

Do not share food. For office events where food is catered, the safest style is individually packaged or boxed. Avoid buffet style.


First, we encourage meetings to be held using Zoom or other virtual collaboration platforms.

If meetings are held in person, follow safety protocols such as rearranging seating to create physical distancing and masking to ensure the safety of all participants.