Brian Boyl

Graphic Dsgn / Product Dsgn


Brian Boyl is director of the Visual Interaction area of emphasis at ArtCenter College of Design, and professor in the department of Graphic Design. He has taught and built programs in the digital arts at both the graduate and undergraduate levels for more than 25 years including at UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount University and the past 20 years at ArtCenter. He holds a BS in physics from Reed College, and an MFA in digital media from UCLA.


  • GVXD-452-01: Advanced VxD Studio 8
  • GVXD-203-01: Vis Ix Des 1: Intro to UI
  • GVXD-203-08: Vis Ix Des 1: Intro to UI
  • GVXD-402-01: Advanced VxD Studio 7
  • GMGX-561-01: Vis Ix Des 1: Intro to UI
  • GMGX-671-02: Graduate Vis Ix Des 2: UI/UX
  • IXD-206-02: Visual IxD 2: UX/UI