Marion Eisenmann



Marion Eisenmann was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. After completing her thesis study at the VW/Audi Design Center in Simi Valley, California, she continued her work as storyboard artist in and around Los Angeles. After a project relocation to the Middle East she fell in love with the cultural diversity of Asia. Eisenmann was also invited to teach at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar and continued her focus on people and their heritage that resulted in a series of illustrations turning into products for the acclaimed gift shops of the National Museum of Qatar. Back in the USA Eisenmann is teaching workshops and courses for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and ArtCenter College of Design, in Pasadena. Eisenmann's clients include the Los Angeles Times, Paramount Studios, Victoria's Secret and The South American Soccer Federation. Her creative disciplines are story-driven visual developments for themed experiences, films and comics.


  • ILL-241-01: Sketching for Entertainment
  • ILL-241-03: Sketching for Entertainment