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Graduate Film
Graduate Film

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Our students work with film industry experts to redefine the existing media landscape with visually innovative, narratively engaging personal filmmaking.

ArtCenter’s Graduate Film program provides developing filmmakers with an immersive opportunity to refine and expand their visual storytelling abilities under the mentorship and guidance of top Hollywood talent and decision makers. Students create and own their personal work, with a focus on directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing or producing.



Lee Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum is an attorney and entertainment industry executive with more than 30 years of experience in the field.

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Redesigning the Movies

A graduate Film education at ArtCenter combines rigorous, individualized, hands-on classes covering all technical aspects of filmmaking, combined with a strong foundation in visual storytelling techniques.

Ross LaMannaChair, Graduate and Undergraduate Film

Los Angeles is the heart of the entertainment industry and a hub of innovative art and design.

Filmmaking / Careers

Our graduates thrive in Hollywood thanks to their virtuoso visual and narrative storytelling skills and business savvy. ArtCenter’s Graduate Film program is adept at responding to an ever-changing industry; we tailor each student’s curriculum to best meet their needs based on their interests and experience.

Shape your future in our Graduate Film program.