ArtCenter Website Credits

ArtCenter Credits

Editorial Content

Teri Bond
Jered Gold
Anna Macaulay
Matt Mayes
Christine Spines
Sylvia Sukop
Jamie Wetherbe
Mike Winder

Design and Production

Audrey Krauss
Winnie Li
Chuck Spangler
Scott Taylor


Jason Blackader
Carlos Ferrera
Manny Hernandez
John Jasso
Phil Kono
Theresa Zix

Project Stewardship

Kit Baron
Fred Fehlau
Jered Gold
Gary Goldsmith
Nik Hafermaas
Rich Haluschak
Maggie Hendrie
Theresa Zix

With the support and involvement of many students, faculty, staff members and College leadership.

The website and short films were created in partnership with Los Angeles-based digital agency Hello Design.