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“At ArtCenter, we learn by making. It’s where every student’s journey begins.”

Those are the opening lines of our Viewbook, a publication we create every two years to introduce prospective students to the College. If you’ve reached our website, chances are you’ve already received a copy and want to know more about ArtCenter. If not, you may be eager to get your hands on one.

Sure, our website contains all the pertinent information: admissions and portfolio requirements, descriptions of all our programs—plus additional content like videos and stories about our amazing students, faculty and alumni.

So why publish a printed Viewbook? Well, a lot of artists and designers—like you—still appreciate a Viewbook that you can hold in your hands.

A Viewbook is about much more than presenting information. It’s about the tactile quality of the paper stock. It’s about seeing how color, shapes, images and words play off one another. And it’s about discovering something new with every turn of the page.

And it captures a moment in time. Many of our alumni hold on to their Viewbooks for decades after graduating, as both a memory of their ArtCenter journey and as a reminder of what excited them about pursuing a career in art or design in the first place.

Besides, we’re designers too and we like to make things.

Want to know more about our current Viewbook?

The 2019–20 Viewbook was designed by Brad Bartlett, director and professor of Transmedia in the Graphic Design Department, with additional coding and design by Alex Seth (MFA 18), a recent Graduate Graphic Design alum.

Careful consideration is always given to the design and editorial approach of each Viewbook. Highlights of this latest edition include:

  • Cover: To reflect the unique educational experience of every ArtCenter student, each printed cover features a one-of-a-kind configuration of modular geometric elements. There are more than 40,000 total variations in circulation. Arranged (and rearranged) via a special algorithm, these elements were inspired by Alvin Lustig, a West Coast design pioneer who studied and later taught at ArtCenter in the ‘30s and ‘40s.
  • Typography: We commissioned a new, monospace font created especially for the Viewbook by ArtCenter alum Josh Finklea (BFA 12 Graphic Design).
  • Alumni Voices: A range of alumni across majors and in different stages of their careers are represented. For this edition, we’ve included their thoughts about ArtCenter and the world of art and design, alongside selected images of their work.


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Can’t wait? Download a copy today.

We know. You’re eager to see what all the fuss is about. Luckily, we’ve created 18 additional covers. Pick your favorite and download a copy today.

At the time, I knew I would learn a lot at ArtCenter, but I didn’t anticipate the impact it would have on my life and career.

Michelle Dougherty (BFA 95)
Brad Bartlett

Brad Bartlett
In addition to serving as Director of Transmedia Design in the Graphic Design Department, Brad Bartlett also runs his own award-winning studio practice in Los Angeles.

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