ArtCenter offers a number of professional development resources to prepare students for creative and wide-ranging job opportunities.

Career Counseling

Individual career counseling is available to support students and alumni in achieving their personal goals and pursuing their professional aspirations. Career counselors assist students and alumni with career exploration, career interest assessments, major career decision-making, resume and cover letter critiques, interview preparation, job search and networking strategies.

Professional Development Workshops

Career and Professional Development team members offer one-hour, open sessions throughout the term to cover topics such as resume writing, networking, internship and recruitment guidelines, informational interviews and more.


ArtCenter students have the opportunity to be mentored by our alumni and industry partners every Fall term.

Dot Exchange

Dot Exchange is a mentor program hosted by Career and Professional Development that connects ArtCenter students to our network of alumni and employers for a 10-week exchange during the Fall term.

The goal of Dot Exchange is to assist student mentees in building relationships that broaden professional networks and provide insightful feedback for real-world application. Career and Professional Development encourages students to utilize this 10-week interaction to gain insight, ask relevant questions and further develop skills and networking capabilities within industry.

Acceptance into the Dot Exchange program is by application and interview only. To be eligible to apply, students must have a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA and be in their fourth term of study. Mentors and students are matched accordingly.

If you are an ArtCenter alum or an employer looking to provide a 10-week mentorship experience for an ArtCenter student, email for more information.