Douglas Frasher

Transportation Design


Doug Frasher, Retired Director of Advanced Concepts, Volvo Car Group

Doug has been responsible for and created much of the design language that personifies Volvo’s lineup from 2009 to 2017.

Having a bachelor’s degree from Art Center College of Design in Industrial Design with a Transportation focus and a bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly SLO in Mechanical Engineering, Doug has been a central figure at Volvo's California based Monitoring and Concept Center for more than 30 years where he has been able to leverage his uniquely multidisciplinary perspective to harmonize his aesthetic and functional design solutions.

He was responsible for the 1992 Volvo Environmental Concept Car, the vehicle that moved Volvo from its traditional ‘boxy’ styling to its more modern design form.  He crafted the production version of that concept’s exterior form language – the Volvo S80, as well as Volvo’s award winning first entry into the SUV segment, the original XC90.  He then followed these successes with the original Volvo XC60.

Doug has also managed both the design and technical engineering innovations of several advanced concept projects including the iconic Safety Concept Car – which  incorporated many of his innovations relating to ergonomics and user experience solutions and became the blueprint for the C30,  the Volvo Tandem concepts that proposed revolutionary two seat transport for inner city commuters, and the patented C26 seat concept for the coming age of Autonomous Vehicles. He holds several patents related to these and other innovations relating to Autonomous Vehicles.

Based on his experience and understanding of the problems facing our society in its quest for improved mobility, Doug has created Soel Design LLC and is currently developing vehicle architecture and designs that he believes should be integral with sustainable mobility and transport solutions.  Finding ways to capitalize on the vast solar energy resources available today is a primary inspiration for Soel Design.