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What if there were a proven way to get your students excited about learning and improve test scores—in any subject?

It’s called Design-Based Learning (DBL). ArtCenter's Summer Institute for Teachers is a five-day, intensive program in this time-tested methodology. This method taps students’ natural creativity to develop higher-level thinking and enhance comprehension of the K–12 curriculum. It is never restricted by the changing world of content standards.

Regardless of a teacher’s grade level, subject or need for integrating the curriculum, supplementing current methods with Design-Based Learning can make a dramatic difference in the classroom.

This five-day institute provides three semester units of credit—units are transferable to the M.A. Degree Program (45 units) or the Certificate Program (20 units) in Design-Based Learning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The program is open to K–12 educators, principals, administrators, college instructors and after-school program directors and staff.

Scholarships are available.

What is Design-Based Learning?

  • Time-tested technique proven to raise test scores
  • Highly effective with ELL and learning disabled students
  • Applicable to all California standards Reduces teacher burnout
  • No special classroom supplies or equipment required

How Design-Based Learning Works

DBL "sneaks up on learning" by engaging students' innate curiosity and creating a fun, interactive environment that develops higher-level reasoning skills in the context of the standard K–12 curriculum.

Design-Based Learning

In the Making

Design-Based Learning has a freeing effect and takes the edge off when trying to ‘unpack the standards.’ It gets the students thinking creatively.

Paulette JacksonSpecial Education Teacher, Grades 6–8, Daniel Webster Middle School

Paula Goodman

Director of K–12 Programs, Paula created ArtCenter for Kids and also manages our ArtCenter for Teens and ArtCenter for Teachers programs.

Enhance your teaching skills with proven design methodology.