ArtCenter for Teens

It’s never too early to begin designing your future. 

ArtCenter for Teens (formerly Saturday High) is a unique art and design program tailored just for teens in grades 9 through 12. In this program, we don’t teach students how to be creative. Rather, we help students strengthen their creativity, build their confidence and discover their unique voice.

Our faculty of professional artists and designers share their personal stories and real-world experiences. They challenge students to become better risk-takers by playing to their strengths and encouraging them to tackle their weaknesses.  

In turn, students learn the creative process and how to reach beyond the obvious. 

ArtCenter for Teens

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Graham Moore

Graham Moore has worked in design studios and advertising agencies in London, Dallas and Los Angeles as an art director/graphic designer, and as a freelance designer for independent record companies.

ArtCenter for Teens

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Take the next step toward finding your creative voice.