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Environmental Design

Environmental Design fuses elements of architecture, interior design and furniture design to focus on the total spatial experience.

We pursue a global approach to industry-driven design that investigates every aspect of where and how people live, work and play. “Our department is for young creatives who say: ‘I like the big picture. I want to be impactful. I want to design the idea that drives the project.’” says Environmental Design Chair David Mocarski.

Our emphasis on spatial experiences produces leaders in the fields of furniture, lighting and interior component design. Our students seek to make an impact designing projects ranging from branded retail, theme-driven dining to new hospitality, exhibition and residential design.

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Environmental Design

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The biggest difference between environmental design and architecture is that in architecture you design from the outside in and we design from the inside out.

David MocarskiChair, Environmental Design
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Environmental Design and issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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