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ArtCenter and Apple

Apple's longstanding love affair with design took root when Steve Jobs hired a few wildly talented ArtCenter designers, whose enduring impact has informed Apple's aesthetic identity and inspired the broader technology community to think differently about design's role in every product.

The packing system we created back then—Apple logo, beautiful photograph of the product on the front and back panels on white—has continued for the past thirty years. It was that simple aesthetic that Steve loved and we all thought was working and we just stuck to it.

Tom SuiterGraphic Design alum and former Apple Creative Director

I had a front row seat at the beginning of some pretty amazing changes and history is not going to come around that way again. I got to not only see the change but effect the change. ArtCenter definitely shaped who I am as a practitioner, built and gave me the confidence to be not only a designer but a design leader at Apple.

Clement Mok
Graphic Design alum and former Apple Creative Director

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