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This degree investigates our relationship between: object, space, place, body, function and the application of furniture and lighting design with an emphasis on innovation, industry standards and the manufacturing process. Deep research into new materials and technologies elevate our student’s abilities to design elements to improve how we live, work and play. Designing from a human-centered perspective we investigate the evolving needs of how furniture and light connect us to our environment.

This program enhances one’s knowledge of production furniture, lighting and case goods to deepen an understanding of manufacturing, materials, market and brand. Our teaching mode is one of “Classroom to Market” whereby each student is asked to explore industry topics and trends. Our students question their own personal contributions to furniture design as a discipline by combining the current and historical context of design with their own personal voice and career goals. Through detailed market research, defined design story narratives and personal career directions, students investigate a wide range of future opportunities. Students go on to become game-changers in furniture design from the opening of their own studios, to designing for leading global industrial brands. It is the mission of our department to design with empathy, sensitivity, equity, diversity and inclusion. We are always looking to better understand how the creative process can make positive change in the world.

This is an Advanced Design educational program, which seeks to elevate an individual’s conceptual, technical, philosophical and practical application to become a game-changer in the future of furniture and lighting design. Our program fuses brand strategy, sustainable/ responsible design practices, social-cultural sensitivity and equity, with an eye to innovation.

ArtCenter is pleased to offer a brand new master's degree in Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design beginning in Fall 2022. Graduate students interested in studying furniture and fixtures design who enroll prior to Fall 2022 will earn a master's degree in Environmental Design.

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Environmental Design and issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures

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