First Year Immersion

ArtCenter’s First Year Immersion program offers a new pathway into ArtCenter, allowing a select group of students the opportunity to begin their undergraduate education while still identifying the major area of study that’s right for them.

First Year Immersion was created for prospective students who exhibit a keen interest in developing their creative skills and a desire to think critically about the world around them but are still defining the focus and specialization of their creative practice.

First Year Immersion students spend their first two terms taking prescribed courses in drawing, creative technologies, visual acuity, and humanities and sciences to develop design thinking and core skills relevant across a wide spectrum of majors while gaining critical and cultural awareness. Students will also be exposed to a variety of different majors at ArtCenter and, in their third term, will transition into one of their top three choices of major with a pathway to completing their degrees in six additional terms.

Participating majors include: Creative Direction, Entertainment Design (Animation and Concept tracks), Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interaction Design, Photography and Imaging, Product Design, and Transportation Design. The Entertainment Design (Game Design track), Film and Spatial Experience Design majors will not be participating in the First Year Immersion program.

For more information about our First Year Immersion program or to receive feedback on your portfolio, contact the Admissions office to meet with a counselor.

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