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Product Design

Product Designers improve lives by creating consumer products—from game-changing wearables to life-changing medical devices to everything in between.

In recent years, business leaders have come to recognize the critical importance of good design in the success of corporate endeavors. Likewise, designers now realize that they need the tools necessary to succeed in business, whether as an entrepreneur or as part of an existing organization.

ArtCenter’s Product Design curriculum embraces both of these realities. We emphasize creation of consumer product designs that improve lives through a blend of functionality, relevance and sensory appeal. Designers develop a commercial mindset that enables them to successfully manage innovation and risk.

Our partnership with the international business school INSEAD enables students interested in the intersection between design and business to immerse themselves for a semester in an MBA program. Students also benefit from participation in DesignStorms® and other Sponsored Project courses commissioned by corporate partners seeking to explore new frontiers in design and innovation.

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Product Design

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In Community Studio, students partner with Black-owned businesses to help build their brands

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Featured Course

Designing for Mental Wellness

Product design students were enlisted to build a digital, FDA-approved device that allows oncologists to prescribe mental health care in a way that engages more patients.

The scope of the product designer has evolved tremendously. We pride ourselves on our process: understanding human need, solving problems and creating innovative ideas, artifacts and systems.

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