Bachelor of Science in Spatial Experience Design Degree

Every space you enter is a scene—an opportunity to tell stories, engage emotions, and establish dynamics of the environment. By studying scenography, “the staging of spaces,” you will enhance your ability to make meaningful connections in all that you design. ArtCenter’s spatial experience design degree focuses on the total experience of the built environment from the first moment of encounter to the last moment of interaction. We prepare industry leaders in the fields of architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting and interior component design.

Program Overview

At ArtCenter, we approach spatial experience and environmental design from a sensorial perspective, looking beyond single objects, moments and places to weave rich narratives in every environment where we live, work and play. We are invested in spatial justice and improving our creative processes to effect positive change in the world. With a spatial design degree, you can take on fresh challenges from branded retail and theme-driven dining to new hospitality, exhibition and residential design, all with an appreciation for empathy, sensitivity, equity, diversity and inclusion.

A Program Founded on Practical Experience

We prepare human-centered designers with an environmental design degree program that blends conceptual thinking with rigorous coursework and career-oriented experiential learning. You’ll develop crucial industry skills and networks through Designmatters social impact projects, Transdisciplinary Studio courses, International Study Abroad programs and Sponsored Projects classes with industry-leading companies and organizations. The spatial experience design degree program at ArtCenter equips you to investigate projects with rich conceptual rigor and a keen awareness of materials and manufacturing standards built on defining design potential, creating a strong narrative design story, and exploring innovative and sustainable designs.

Get Career-ready

You can join ArtCenter’s alumni network of industry-leading interior/exterior living component design leaders. By working alongside manufacturers and exhibiting at international venues, you will gain the conceptual and technical knowledge to become an influential and impactful spatial designer. ArtCenter Spatial Experience Design degree-holders are creative leaders at top manufacturers, design studios and architectural firms around the world in roles like:

  • Branded Environments Designer
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Designer
  • Retail Experience Designer
  • Exhibit, Event & Trade Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect
  • Museum & Gallery Exhibition Designer
  • In-House Designer: Furniture, Lighting & Fixtures
  • Architectural & Design Office: Spaces, Furniture, Fixtures & Graphics
  • Mobile Interiors: Boats, Trains & Airplanes
  • Materials, Color & Trends Forecaster

Recognizing shifts in the industry, in Spring 2022 we decided to change the name of the Environmental Design program and begin offering a bachelor’s degree in Spatial Experience Design instead. Furthermore, in Fall 2022, master’s degrees in Spatial Experience Design and Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design will be offered. The name change not only recognizes shifts in the industry but also people’s understanding of the spaces we inhabit and how those spaces contribute to our overall well being. Students who enroll in the undergraduate program prior to Spring 2022 will still receive a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design. Similarly, students who enroll in the graduate program prior to Fall 2022 will still receive a master’s degree in Environmental Design.

Our program combines conceptual thinking, rigorous coursework and hands-on experiences with a professional focus.

Earn a bachelors degree in spatial experience design

James Turrell light exhibition

Featured Course

In Illumination, students explore the profound and magical qualities of light.

David Mocarski

The biggest difference between spatial design and architecture is that in architecture you design from the outside in and we design from the inside out.

David MocarskiChair, Spatial Experience Design

Spatial Experience Design Student Gallery

Zone space divider by Soojung Yoo

Soojung Yoo (BS 22) named among Metropolis Future100 Interior Design Undergraduate Winners

Student Leadership Award winner Cheng Chi supported the success of other students

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects bring industry professionals into the classroom

Creative Resilience: Alum Elyse Marks conceptualizes nature-based healing spaces during the pandemic

Hillside campus bridge

Spatial Experience Design and issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Earn Your BS in Spatial Experience Design at ArtCenter

Environmental design impacts every aspect of how we occupy and interact with spaces. By studying scenography in ArtCenter’s Bachelor of Science in Spatial Experience Design degree program, you will establish the hands-on experience, critical understandings and passion for narrative spaces that compel industry leaders and inspire scene-shifting careers.

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