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ArtCenter now offers a Master of Design (MDes) degree in Interaction Design—offered entirely online and completable in one year—for graduate level students interested in emergent creative technologies; inclusive, ethical and creative research; and professional development for strategic communications, future-casting and organizational design.

This program will create interaction designers who lead at the intersection of emerging technology, strategic digital system, service and product design and innovation.

The program prepares design practitioners to enter and advance in the fields of digital service, platform and product design, software UX/UI, strategic innovation and creative technology development. Taught by industry professionals, the curriculum is based on human-centered design methodologies and case studies used in healthcare, automotive, software, entertainment and technology industries, amongst others.

Students enrolled in our Interaction Design program have access to our most rigorous and specialized interaction resources. The Immersion Lab and our Online Maker Hub allow experimentation with emerging technologies and virtual spaces. Also, our signature process of strategic prototyping on multiple platforms opens up a dialogue between engineers, product managers, investors, collaborators, leading not just to the best product, but the most impact in your organization. For both students and professionals in the design fields our program combines craft, strategy and execution to help you innovate in new design fields and expand your future as a maker and a designer.

Our MDes programs are offered through distance learning and can be completed in one year—removing many of the geographic barriers and time-based limitations to a traditional degree. Classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Currently, ArtCenter is authorized to offer our MDes program in a select number of U.S. states. Visit our State Authorization page to learn more. This program is not currently available for international students.

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