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Clement Mok

BA 80 Graphic Design

Clement Mok is many things—digital pioneer, serial entrepreneur, software publisher and developer, author, design patent holder, even restaurateur—but beyond all else, Mok is a designer and his influence on the world is immeasurable.

After graduating from ArtCenter’s Graphic Design program, he held design positions at CBS (then the number-one network) and design agency Donovan/Green. Thanks to these work experiences, Mok was hired on the spot by Apple in the ’80s. Leading Apple Creative Services as creative director for a good part of his five-plus years there, he was able to test his design beliefs and learn how to design with conviction. As part of the original team, Mok helped launch the Macintosh computer as well as the desktop publishing revolution, which required him to decipher new technologies to resistant designers and be a translator of the future of design.

After Apple, Mok founded successful design-related businesses—Studio Archetype (acquired by Sapient in 1998), CMCD and NetObjects. He was chief creative officer of Sapient and national president of AIGA and is now a founding and active partner of Sugarfish, KazuNori, Nozawa Bar, HiHo! Burgers and Lasting Learning. He also mentors startups on design planning, branding, service designs and user experience projects.

Mok, a 2008 AIGA medalist, is an advocate of design and technology practices whose contributions have been recognized by many professional organizations and publications and hundreds of awards and citations. He is author of Designing Business: Multiple Media, Multiple Disciplines, an influential manual which presents his design philosophy for using technological design effectively for business. As an app developer and publisher, he has launched several educational iPhone and iPad apps for kids under the CMCD Visual Symbols banner, including Critteroos, Match-A-Roo, Flashcount and Signing Bee.

A former ArtCenter trustee, Mok was named one of I.D.’s 40 most influential designers and one of Chief Executive’s 1998 Tech 100 CEOs. He judges design competitions, such as Exhibitor magazine’s Exhibit Design Awards, and also serves on the advisory boards of numerous technology companies, colleges and nonprofit organizations.

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