Attendees at ArtCenter Create Change Design Forum 2017 in China

ArtCenter in China

Create Change forums have helped define ArtCenter's brand in China by bringing together top designers and innovation leaders from around the world to interact with one another in events designed to inspire and inform.

Since 2014, professionals from 200+ global companies have attended more than a dozen events in major cities across China to gain new insights on topics ranging from entertainment and transportation design to virtual reality and brand strategy.

In addition to the forums, the Create Change series has also offered annual workshops for students and working professionals led by top designers and key ArtCenter faculty. 

Create Change events are produced by ArtCenter alumni in partnership with the College and provide an essential channel for ArtCenter to connect with China’s rapidly transforming culture and growing global importance.


Lan Yu

Managing Director, China Programs

ArtCenter gratefully acknowledges our expanding network of alumni, educators, designers, influencers and business leaders who have participated in the Create Change design forums and workshops.

  • Geetika Agrawal Create Director, R/GA
  • Ken Aguado Executive Producer, Author, Screenwriter
  • Guillaume Aretos Chair, Entertainment Design, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Chris Bangle Managing Director, Chris Bangle Associates
  • Tian Bo Screenwriter
  • Gordon Bruce Design Consultant and Owner, Gordon Bruce Design
  • Lorne M. Buchman President, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Liu Chao Director, User Experience Department, Baidu (Former)
  • Juno Chen Experience Design Lead, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Wade Convay Creative Lead, Google Brand Studio
  • Daniel Darancou Vice President, Design, CH Auto Technology
  • Eric Darnell Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Baobab Studios
  • Florian Dengler Founder, Florian Dengler Design
  • Marek Djordjevic Owner, Marek Djordjevic Inc.
  • Hartmut Esslinger Founder, Frog Design
  • Gao Feng Design Director, ZTE
  • Manfred Fitzgerald Head of Genesis Motors
  • Tim Flattery Chair, Entertainment Design, ArtCenter College of Design (Former)
  • Nathan Fowkes Concept Artist
  • Eric Gallina Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Form Trends
  • Fei Guoliang Transportation Designer
  • Nik Hafermaas Chair, Graphic Design, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Xu Haisheng Design Director, Alibaba
  • Bruce Heavin Co-founder,
  • Kory Heinzen Visual Development Lead and Previs, Oculus Story Studios
  • Maggie Hendrie Chair, Interaction Design, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Jeffrey Higashi Co-founder, Designfunhouse Enterprises
  • Jason Hill Founder and President, Eleven LLC
  • Ma Hua Screenwriter
  • David James Director, Visual development, Warner Bros.
  • Shao Jingfeng Director, Research and Development Center, SAIC Motor
  • Tim Kobe Founder and CEO, Eight Inc.
  • Ross LaManna Chair, Film, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Pierre Leclercq Vice President, Design, Great Wall Motors
  • Ningning Li Design Director, Mi Ecosystem
  • De Liu Co-founder and Vice President, Xiaomi Inc.
  • Martin Lotti Vice President, Design and Global Creative Director, Nike
  • Kelvin Mak Executive Producer and Creative Director, The Bag Ladies
  • Dave Marek Acura Global Creative Director, Honda R&D Americas, Inc.
  • Mark "Crash" McCreery Concept Designer
  • Cai Ming Senior Director, Alibaba
  • Eric Noble Founder, The CARLAB
  • Andy Ogden Chair, Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Neville Page Founder, The VisDev Factory
  • Chuck Pelly Founder, Designworks, a BMW Group Company
  • Yang Qi Concept Artist
  • Mattew Rhoades Global Creative Director, Nike (Former)
  • Rocky Creative Director and Co-founder, eco-design
  • Li Ruofan Director, TGideas, Tencent Interactive
  • Edward Saatchi Co-founder, Oculus Story Studio
  • Ian Sands Founder and Managing Partner, Pilot
  • Alex Schwartz Head of Production, Alpha Animation Studios
  • Chen Shu Screenwriter
  • Mike Simonian Co-founder, Mike & Maaike
  • Kira Song Product Designer
  • Frank Stephenson Design Director, McLaren Automotive
  • Lloyd Walker President, Precurve
  • Daniel Wang Vice President, Zimi Corporation
  • Zen Wang Production Designer, Light Chaser Animation Studios
  • Geoff Wardle Executive Director, Graduate Transportation Systems and Design, ArtCenter College of Design
  • Wang Weilun Transportation Designer
  • Tyler West Creative Director and CEO, West Studio
  • Li Zexiang Chairman, DJI Science and Technology Co., Ltd
  • Yang Zhe Concept Artist
  • Wei Zheng Director
  • Levin Zhu Financial Expert

ArtCenter's inspiring lectures and workshops allow for the exchange of ideas surrounding art and design.