Tracey Shiffman

Graphic Dsgn / Integrated Studies


Having amassed 38 years of involvement in diverse projects ranging from corporate identity/branding to book design, Tracey’s current and concentrated area of expertise lies in the realm of publication design, crafting visually compelling designs for museums, publishers of art, architecture, and design literature, as well as projects dedicated to fostering intelligent design pedagogy within culturally resonant frameworks. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tracey is renowned for infusing her choreography of artistic elements into the pages of publications. Noteworthy among her accomplishments are the thoughtfully curated monographs on acclaimed figures such as Julie Mehretu, Keith Haring, Amoako Boafo, Frank Gehry and Joan Mitchell. With an international footprint, her work has garnered numerous accolades, recognizing her significant contributions to the field. In 2009, Tracey joined creative forces with designer Alex Kohnke, culminating in the inception of Shiffman & Kohnke.


  • CRDR-202-04: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • GPRT-202-04: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • GPRT-302-01: Com Des 5: Publication
  • GMGX-512-01: Grad Com Des 5: Publication
  • ILL-212-04: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • CRDR-202-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • IXD-210-04: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • GPRT-202-01: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • GPRT-253-03: Type 4
  • GPRT-202-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale