Tracey Shiffman

Graphic Design / Integrated Studies


A graphic artist who works and lives in LA, specializes in publication design for museums, and cultural institutions. Tracey is noted for bringing a distinctive visual poetry to her choreography of artists materials in books, including monographs on Julie Mehretu, Frank Gehry, Robert Rauschenberg, and Le Corbusier. She has published internationally and has received numerous awards for her contribution to the field. In 2009, she joined forces with designer Alex Kohnke to form Shiffman & Kohnke.


  • GPRT-202-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • ILL-212-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • IXD-210-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale
  • GPRT-302-01: Com Des 5: Publication
  • CRDR-202-02: Comm Des 3: Narrative & Scale