Marc Gaede

Humanities and Sciences


Marc Gaede has been teaching Physical/Biological Anthropology at ArtCenter since 1988. He first studied Physical Anthropology under Frederick S. Hulse by auditing classes at the University of Arizona in 1964/65. His paleoanthropology professor at Northern Arizona University was Mark Taylor. In 1996, Professor Christy Turner of Arizona State University sponsored Marc into the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. He is a member of the Paleoanthropology Society and the Turkana Basin Paleo Community.

Advisory Boards: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Grizzly People.

The Marc Gaede Photographic Archive is held in the Special Collections, Princeton University Library.


  • HSCI-210-01: Physical Anthropology
  • HSCI-221-01: Environmental Issues
  • ACX-821X-01: Environmental Issues