Brice Wong

ArtCenter At Night / ArtCenter for Kids


Brice Wong BS, Industrial Design, ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

Brice is an experienced industrial designer specialized in transportation design in the Los Angeles area. His passion for design started at the age of six. Accompanying his parents, Brice went to an art show featuring graduating students' art works and concepts. He was so intrigued by all the design concepts that could one day change how people would live. The future looked so bright; all the lines, colors, and patterns took root in Brice's mind and he begin to draw and design his own inventions.

In 2002, Brice graduated from ArtCenter then went to intern at various car companies, including Peugeot in Paris, Ford in Detroit, and Honda in Torrance. Brice then settled in as a lead designer at Andus R&D Inc., a satellite design studio which designs cars for production in China. Later, Brice moved on to work as a consultant for various companies and projects including Sphere One Limited which works with Beijing Auto Works (BAW) designing concept cars for military-based companies in China; design concepts for Tesla Motors through Prime Wheels; and various projects through 5 Axis Design.  He is now at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in the Power Sports Division.

Brice's extensive experiences in industrial design in various markets made him a resource-rich teacher. He aspires to bridge real world experiences with experimental design in the classroom. Brice has taught for the ArtCenter at Night program since 2008.