Ron Kurniawan

Entertainment Design


Ron Kurniawan is a picture maker based in California with the taste for the pop surreal.  His pictures are composed by the juxtaposition of two or more completely different ideas and merging them into one to create something wholly different.  It is a mixture of animals, bubblegum, candy, robots, dreams, sex, fur, kaiju, the romantic, fantasy, mythology, peeps, fruits, patterns and type. It's a daydream that is giving birth to reality.  RK has worn many different hats, from being a fine artist to production designing a big feature. He is currently in development for a feature with a 2022 release.  After a 15+ years of working experience, he has worked at WB, Dreamworks, Disney, Réel FX, Psyop, Passion Pictures and other studios. His illustrations have also been published at many magazines and newspapers, including New Yorker, Los Angeles and New York Times.