Ko Maruyama

Graphic Design


Animated sports packages for NHL, NFL, Superbowl, and Arena Graphics for Dallas Cowboys / AT&T Stadium and Occulus projection.  Commercials and promos: McDonalds, MTV, Sketchers, Toyota, Coca-cola, Fox Kids. Music videos: Goo Goo Dolls, Train, JayZ, Hole, Wheatus, Bone Thugs, and Toni Braxton. Ko is a contributing writer for online giant, Digital Media Networks. He has several Emmy nominations and other international recognitions for his work.


  • GMOT-202-01: 3D Motion Graphics
  • GMOT-202-02: 3D Motion Graphics
  • ILL-214-01: 3D Motion Graphics
  • ILL-214-02: 3D Motion Graphics
  • GMGX-614-02: Graduate 3D Motion Graphics
  • IXD-212-01: 3D Motion Graphics
  • IXD-212-02: 3D Motion Graphics
  • REG-RESERVE-08: Donut Lab