Molly "River" Jukes-Hudson

Graphic Dsgn / Creative Direction / Illustration / Interaction Design


River Jukes-Hudson graduated from ArtCenter in 2005 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Prior to attending ArtCenter, Jukes-Hudson earned a BFA in Painting from San Francisco State University. Along with her business parter Stephen Serrato, River runs ELLA, a graphic design studio based in Highland Park. Projects include book design, print design, exhibition graphics, campaigns, identity systems, web design, film titles and music packaging. River has taught at ArtCenter since 2014. Classes include Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Information Design and Grad Design Atlas.


  • IXD-254-03: Information Design
  • ILL-200-01: Type 3: Context
  • GMGX-602-03: Graduate Information Design
  • GPRT-203-01: Type 3: Context
  • GPRT-305-03: Information Design
  • GPRT-203-09: Type 3: Context
  • CRDR-203P-01: Type 3: Context
  • CRDR-203P-09: Type 3: Context
  • ILL-200-09: Type 3: Context
  • IXD-203-01: Type 3: Context
  • ILL-247-04: Type 4
  • ILL-247-05: Type 4