Miguel Lee

Graphic Dsgn / Illustration


Miguel Lee is a Los Angeles-based motion designer. Lee graduated from ArtCenter in 2006 and has been teaching motion design here since 2007. He is the founder and executive creative director of Midnight Sherpa, a multi-disciplinary creative studio focused on creating brand experiences and motion content for a diverse range of clients. Through his career-long devotion to design both as an instructor and a creative, he has yielded an expansive range of mixed-media film and television work spanning commercials, branded experiences, title design and interactive content. His clients include Apple, Audi, CBS, Disney, Dolby, Ford, Google, HP, Mercedes-Benz, National Geographic, NBC/Universal, NFL Network, Nike, NVIDIA, Riot Games, Toyota and Warner Brothers, among others.


  • ILL-265-01: Motion Design 2
  • ILL-473-01: Advanced Motion Studio 8
  • GMOT-252-01: Motion Design 2
  • GMOT-452-01: Advanced Motion Studio 8
  • GMOT-202A-03: 3D Motion Graphics
  • GMGX-614A-03: Graduate 3D Motion Graphics
  • ILL-214A-03: 3D Motion Graphics
  • IXD-212A-03: 3D Motion Graphics