Johnny Ngo

ArtCenter At Night


Johnny Ngo is a first generation Chinese American screenwriter. As the only son of two refugees, he gravitates to stories dealing with second chances and acceptance. Ngo began his career working for international production house Vendome Pictures where he acquired four years of development experience in television and features before writing Conversion, a feature about conversion therapy camps from the perspective of an ex-attendee turned counselor. It landed him an opportunity to work with legendary producer Chris Lee (Philadelphia, Jerry Maguire). His latest work, Hold Still, Vincent, tells the life of Vincent Chin and how his untimely death sparked an Asian American civil rights movement never before seen in American history. It featured and was produced by Gemma Chan as a limited podcast series for QCode. Ngo hails from the San Gabriel Valley where he lives with his wife, twin boys and baby girl, whom he all loves equally.