Elaine Alderette

Graphic Design / Illustration


Elaine believes there is always a story to be told. This mantra guided her career working in advertising, interactive design and motion graphics. A graduate of ArtCenter in the early 90s, she helped shape the early development of interactive identity design for Time Warner and Launch interactive. With a love of branding and sequence, she transitioned to motion design, where she has enjoyed working for several Los Angeles based design firms including, Picture Mill, Imaginary Forces, SuperFad, Brand New School and Ant Farm. Her client list includes Nike, Sony, HBO, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Disney, Target, Toyota and Apple. She has served as senior lecturer at Otis College of Design and has been teaching at Art Center since 2014. Elaine credits a strong foundation in storytelling as the guiding force in her ability to problem solve in any design platform. She teaches with a strong focus on concept, directing students to find their authentic voice in every detail of their work.


  • GMOT-203-01: Sequential Design 1
  • GRFX-456-01: Portfolio & Career Preparation
  • ILL-266-01: Sequential Design 1
  • ILL-266-02: Sequential Design 1
  • GMOT-203-03: Sequential Design 1
  • GMGX-515-03: Graduate Sequential Design 1