Guillaume Wolf

Graphic Design


French Art Director Guillaume Wolf has been involved for years in the world of luxury and fashion - collaborating with the French Vogue, Colette, Lucien Pellat-Finet, Isabel marant, and Maison Kitsuné. Guillaume is a specialist in the psychology behind branding (Psychographics). He is the author of the creativity books You Are a Circle, and You Are a Message. A TEDx fellow, his talk "How to Create the Future" is available on YouTube.


  • ILL-103-01: Communication Design 1: Primer
  • GPRT-102-01: Communication Design 1: Primer
  • GPRT-152-03: Comm Des 2: Info & Context
  • ILL-152-03: Comm Des 2: Info & Context
  • IXD-154-03: Comm Des 2: Info & Context