Miles Mazzie

Graphic Dsgn


Miles brings a broad range of experience to his position at ArtCenter where he has been an instructor since 2010.  Miles earned a MFA in Design from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA in Environmental Design from Parsons School of Design.  Miles has worked as an environmental graphic designer for over twenty yeras primarily within the offices of Sussman/Prejza & Co. in Los Angeles.  With many years of experience and completed projects as a foundation Miles is primarily focused on working with our Graphic Design students to help them interpret their projects as spatial and interactive installations.  This process in which the tools and techniques of sometimes very different disciplines are used simultaneously within a given design challenge we frequently refer to as Transmedia Design.


  • GMGX-613-01: Graduate Intro to Transmedia 1
  • GTRA-203-01: Intro to Transmedia 1
  • GTRA-203-02: Intro to Transmedia 1
  • GTRA-352-01: Mediatecture
  • GMGX-613-02: Graduate Intro to Transmedia 1
  • GMGX-652-01: Graduate Mediatecture