Evgeni Tomov

Entertainment Design


Evgeni Tomov is a Production Designer, Concept Artist and Illustrator with more than 20 years of experience in the field of animated features and live-action films. Evgeni lived and worked around the globe before settling in Los Angeles in 2010. He was a Production Designer of the Oscar-nominated 2D animated feature The Triplets of Belleville and also contributed as a Development Art Director on another Oscar nomination: The Illusionist (Les Illusioniste). He has worked on small independent art-house animation productions, as well for bigger US studios like Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Marvel, Reel FX, LAIKA and Aardman in the UK. His Production Design credits include titles like The Tale of Desperaux and Arthur Christmas. His live-action experience as a senior illustrator included Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Evgeni graduated with a Masters Degree in illustration and fine arts from the Nikolai Pavlovitch University of Fine Arts in Sofia Bulgaria before moving to Montreal, Canada in 1990.

He was nominated for ANNIE award for Best Production Design for his work on The Tale of Despereaux.


  • EANI-355-01: Concept Art 3 Thesis
  • EANI-355C-01: Thesis Designs C
  • EANI-405-01: Assets Thesis
  • EANI-458-01: Lighting 3 Thesis
  • EANI-458C-01: Thesis Production 2 C
  • ECPT-316-01: Designing With Light and Color
  • ECPT-316-02: Designing With Light and Color
  • ECPT-326-02: Production Design
  • EANI-405C-01: Thesis Pre Production 2 C
  • INT-107-01: Concept Design 1
  • INT-107-02: Concept Design 1