Yuriko Senoo

Entertainment Design


Yuriko Senoo has worked as a feature animation character animator and animation supervisor since 1993. While at Disney Feature Animation she worked on feature films including Tangled, Bolt, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinson's, Reign of Fire, Magic Lamp, and Dinosaur. Senoo supervised the animation for DisneyToon Studios Tinkerbell feature films Secret of the Wings, The Pirate Fairy, and Tinkerbell and The Legend of the Neverbeast. Senoo then supervised animation for the Sony Pictures Animation 2017 release of the holiday animated feature The Star.

Beginning in 2010 Senoo started a documentary film collaboration with director and atomic bomb survivor, Masaaski Tanabe, to help promote a more peaceful future. The film she helped co-produce, Message From Hiroshima was released in 2017. Yuriko Senoo has been teaching at ArtCenter's Entertainment Design program since 2018 and continues to supervise animation for an upcoming feature animation production.