Veronnica "Ronni" Kimm

Graphic Dsgn / Graduate Graphic Design


Ronni Kimm is a design and innovation strategist and the co-founder of Collective Future. Her work spans 25 years of diverse partnerships with organizations, creatives and technologists. Her expertise using human-centered design approaches has helped numerous organizations understand how to best solve problems strategically to generate value for their organization. Her most recent work focuses on futurecasting and storytelling through human lenses to help clients imagine new possibilities for their future. She has led future visioning initiatives across industries with multiple clients including Autodesk, Ford, Nike and VF.

As an educator, her background includes lectureships and visiting artist/critic roles at ArtCenter, California Institute of the Arts, General Assembly, Otis College of Art & Design, Sci-Arc, UCLA and USC. As part of her exploration of new meanings and forms, Ronni loves to incite conversations and collaborations with brilliant thinkers and doers whenever possible.