Craig Van Dyke



Graduating with a BFA from the BYU animation dept in 2003, Craig started working in VFX as a 3D artist at Digital Domain. He began as a tracking artist and quickly moved onto to work as a modeler and then animator on various films including Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In 2007, he transitioned into animated features and spent a number of years at DreamWorks as a layout artist on films such as Puss and Boots and How to Train Your Dragon 2.  He has worked for a range of companies such as Disney, Method and Mirada on various film and commercial projects. Working as a CG supervisor, animator or story artist he is most known for his work in layout and visualization. In 2018, he was brought on to Netflix Animation and is currently a layout lead on the animated feature Over the Moon directed by Glen Keane and John Kahrs. He started teaching film and animation courses at Chapman in 2017 and has been with ArtCenter since 2018.


  • ILL-210-02: Intro to Maya & 3D Animation
  • ILL-210-04: Intro to Maya & 3D Animation
  • ILL-309-01: 3D Layout