Houston Howard

Entertainment Design / Designmatters


As the Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder of One 3 Creative, Houston Howard is a recognized producer, author, speaker and thought leader in the entertainment and branding communities because of his unique and proprietary transmedia approach to story. Houston has written two books about transmedia strategies for professionals — Make Your Story Really Stinkin’ Big and You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story.  Advising entities such as Mattel, Disney Imagineering, ABC, CBS, Reliance Media Works, West Coast Customs, Samuel Goldwyn Films and Harper Collins Publishing, as well as designing a number of transmedia-focused projects for Fox, the CW, TNT, Slinky and the writers of Toy Story, Houston has an impressive amount of of experience designing projects that are primed for the 21st Century. 

If you need some links to some interviews and such here’s a short list of a few.


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