Gee Yeung

Entertainment Design / ArtCenter At Night


Gee Yeung is CEO at RumbleBox with over 20 years of experience supervising/producing film and immersive content. Gee has a BFA in computer art and illustration. He started his career at BlueSky/VIFX learning on films including FaceOff, Blade, and Titanic. At Rhythm & Hues, he lead VFX work on Alvin and the Chipmunks, Superman Returns, and Mummy 3. Following that, he lead a visual development team at Dreamworks Animation on feature films BOO and Turbo afterward transitioning into virtual/augmented reality content development for the DreamLab VR team. From there, he was art director on the BluVR for WeVR and supervised Star Trek Beyond for Bad Robot. He also directed projects for Otoy Inc. Gee was VFX supervisor on Sign of Life and creative director for Griffith. Currently, he is creating, directing and producing content for Invisible Thread and RumbleBox.


  • ACX-641-01: Blender 3D: Intermediate
  • ECPT-158-01: Intro to 3D
  • ECPT-158-02: Intro to 3D