Ryan Gerber

Creative Direction


Ryan Gerber is a Creative Director and Film Director based in Los Angeles. He owns a small agency/creative consultancy under the moniker of Horses & Mules and he has a very unhealthy relationship with spam. He died once and in an entirely separate but equally crazy incident. He once flew to London to shoot a Superbowl commercial with medical staples still lodged into his side. The client did spring for business class though... He realizes this also qualifies as unhealthy behavior. But thinks it'll be great fodder for when he is ultimately placed into a home for old folks. Not by choice.

You can find him in some of these places:

  • Instagram—@iamryangerber
  • ryangerber.com 
  • horsesandmules.com
  • Linkedin—linkedin.com/in/ryangerber


  • CRDR-416-01: Impact Lab