Ross LaManna

Department Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Film


With a curriculum designed to push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, Graduate and Undergraduate Film Departments Chair Ross LaManna has brought in the best working visual artists to teach classes, lead workshops and lecture in the college’s Film Series. By immersing emerging artists in real-world experiences on their own films and on professional productions, “graduates will be conversant in new techniques and technologies, closely connected to the industry and fully prepared to step into leadership positions,” says LaManna.

He is best known for his spec script Rush Hour, starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, which spawned two sequels and the CBS television series.  He has written for United Artists, Carolco/TriStar, Fox, Disney, Paramount, Columbia, Universal and many independent companies. While at Carolco, he worked on the hit films Cliffhanger and Universal Soldier. His original screenplay, Arctic Blue, became an HBO World Premiere Movie. He co-wrote the Emmy-winning CBS miniseries Titanic and contributed to the Paramount film Star Trek: First Contact.  His latest feature film, Maximum Impact, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, will see worldwide release in 2017.

“Despite technology advances, regardless of the size or location of the screen, a filmmaker is still primarily a storyteller,” says LaManna. “Every aspect of ArtCenter’s Film curriculum focuses on the mastery of moviemaking technique in order to serve the narrative.”

His debut novel, Acid Test (Ballantine Books), was chosen as an Penzler Pick and as Best First Fiction by The Mysterious Bookshop and has been translated into several languages. His graphic novel, Markus Fang, was published by Arcana. His memberships include the Writer's Guild of America, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the civilian Board of Directors for the U.S. Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office.