Policies and Disclosures

Chosen Name and Gender Policy


To inform members of the ArtCenter community of their individual right to designate a chosen name and gender for use in internal college systems.


This policy applies to all ArtCenter community members.

Policy Statement

ArtCenter (the College) seeks to provide an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment by making it possible for students and employees to use a chosen first name on internal college systems when a legal name is not required. The College recognizes that many students and employees choose to use a first name and/or gender identity that may differ from a legal name or assigned gender, whenever such designations are not absolutely necessary, limited by technology, or required by law.


It is the policy of ArtCenter that any current student or employee may choose a first name in addition to the legal name within the College’s internal information systems. The chosen first name shall be used in College communications and reporting, except where the use of the legal name is required. Similarly, any current student or employee may choose to identify a gender for internal use, except where the use of a previously assigned gender is required.

What is a chosen name?

A chosen first name is a first name that is different from one’s legal name. Examples of persons who might choose to designate a different first name may include international persons who may wish to use an American name, or transgender individuals who may choose to use a name that aligns with their gender identity.

Must everyone designate a chosen name or gender?

No. Designating a chosen name or gender is completely optional.

Display of Chosen Name/Gender

Chosen names and genders will be used solely for ArtCenter’s internal systems; external systems will continue to use the individual’s legal name. Preferred name will appear, as appropriate, on internal college records, such as:

  • ID badges
  • Class schedules
  • Rosters
  • Attendance sheets
  • Grade reports
  • Grade submissions
  • Academic records
  • Directories
  • Course evaluations
  • Performance evaluations
  • Departmental third-party systems
  • ArtCenter assigned email addresses

An individual’s legal name must appear on external records, such as:

  • Applications for admission or employment
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Financial aid documents
  • Visa documents
  • Licensures
  • W-2 forms
  • Insurance Documents
  • Paychecks/Reimbursements
  • I-9 Forms
  • International records (such as I-20 and visa documents)
  • Records submitted to a government office (for example, applications for social security numbers)
  • Test scores (TOEFL, SAT, ACT, ILTESE, etc.)
  • Tax forms
  • AP Scores (transfer score reports)

Designating Your Chosen Name/Gender

This policy allows individuals to change their name in internal ArtCenter databases. Choice of a first name must be appropriate and cannot be an attempt at misrepresentation or fraud. Choice of a preferred last name is not permitted.

Please note: When changing your name, please consider all implications and situations in which you will be using your chosen name/gender and whether or not you will need to be consistent on all records and forms of identification. If you want to change your chosen name/gender for any reason, you may do so.

There may be situations in which individuals will be asked to clarify their chosen name versus their legal name. For example, during official interactions with campus security, local law enforcement, verification of employment/financial/educational/medical records, or other similar reasons.

Please note: ID badges displaying an individual’s chosen name will be issued at no cost at the first request. Subsequent cards will be issued for a fee of $15.

Using a Chosen Name/Gender When Addressing a Student or Employee

When addressing a student or employee who has designated a chosen name and/or gender, please use their chosen name and/or gender in all oral and written communication (except on documents requiring use of their legal name).

If you have designated a chosen name/gender and someone mistakenly refers to you by your legal name, simply remind them that you wish to be addressed by your preferred name/pronoun.

Legal Name Change

Changes to external records require a legal name and/or gender change. Students who have changed their legal name should notify Enrollment Services. Employees who have changed their legal name should notify Human Resources. Once a legal name and/or gender change has been secured, documentation must be provided to Enrollment Services (in the case of students) or Human Resources (in the case of employees) and campus directories will be updated with the legal name and/or gender change.

For more information on how to secure a legal name change please visit: https://selfhelp.courts.ca.gov/name-change/name-adult

Requesting a Chosen Name and/or Gender

Students (in degree programs) – Please contact Enrollment Services

Employees – Please contact Human Resources

Extension Students – Please contact ArtCenter Extension

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to:

Human Resources, hr@artcenter.edu, 626 396-2470

Enrollment Services, enrollmentservices@artcenter.edu, 626 396-2313