Policies and Disclosures

Freedom of Expression Policy

ArtCenter values and supports freedom of speech, thought, inquiry, and artistic expression for all of its students. The curricular and co-curricular practice of the College fosters and encourages open dialogue and learning through engagement of diverse perspectives of complex social, political, and artistic topics that are integrated into the creative exploration essential to any individual's learning.

The College maintains that free expression and speech are an essential right of all students. This freedom may include viewpoints, images, ideas, language, and speech that challenge another person's values, beliefs, or position in life. Different opinions and opposing viewpoints, including those that may even be viewed as offensive or disturbing, are valued as part of the learning environment and will be protected with the exception of unlawful harassment. The College expects that every student has the responsibility for respecting the rights of others to express their opinions as well as maintaining an awareness of the impact that their opinions and expressions have on others. Additionally, as a private institution, ArtCenter maintains the right to regulate the manner in which students pursue free expression.

Students will be protected against expression, speech, and actions that target the safety of an individual or group, provoke violence, unlawfully discriminate against another individual or group, deny someone's educational or employment access, or violate local, state, and/or federal laws or the College's Non-Discrimination Policy. The College will investigate  and make determinations about any actions that may or may not violate such laws and policies and/or that affect campus safety or the educational mission of  the institution. Students who believe that their rights have been infringed upon should report the incident to the Assistant Dean of Students in the Center for the Student Experience to initiate a student code of conduct investigation or grievance. Additional assistance and support is available at any time by contacting Campus Security.

Questions about this policy may be directed to the Center for the Student Experience.