Academic Resources

Office of the Provost

Anne Burdick
Acting Provost

India Dunnington
Senior Coordinator, Office of the Provost
india.dunnington@artcenter.edu626 396-2408

Faculty Affairs

Ted Young
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
ted.young@artcenter.edu626 396-4281

Megan Clark
Senior Coordinator, Faculty Affairs
megan.clark@artcenter.edu626 396-4390

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Sam Holtzman
Associate Provost, Teaching & Learning
sam.holtzman@artcenter.edu626 396-2479

Matt Sahlit
Digital Teaching and Learning Manager and Instructional Designer

Center for Educational Effectiveness

Leslie D. Johnson
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs and Educational Effectiveness
leslie.johnson@artcenter.edu626 396-4238

Stephanie Marshall
Director, Educational Effectiveness and Operations
stephanie.marshall@artcenter.edu626 396-2458

Office of Institutional Research

Esmeralda Nava
Assistant Provost, Institutional Research and Educational Strategy
esmeralda.nava@artcenter.edu626 396-2267

Sarah Gass
Research Analyst
sarah.gass@artcenter.edu626 396-4374

Christopher Mendez
Assistant Research Analyst
christopher.mendez@artcenter.edu626 396-2457

Academic Advising

Patty Hernandez
Director, Academic Advising
patty.hernandez@artcenter.edu626 396-4282

Brian Gershey
Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
brian.gershey@artcenter.edu626 396-4386

Christian Garcia
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
christian.garcia@Artcenter.edu626 396-2403

Alejandra Pallares
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
alejandra.pallares@artcenter.edu626 396-4373

Student Affairs

Dr. Richard L. Walker
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Jessica Krause
Associate Dean of Students and Director of the CSE
jessica.krause@artcenter.edu626 396-2452

Celeste Guarneri
Director, Student Life
celeste.guarneri@artcenter.edu626 396-2473

Jeonghan Ryu
Director of International Student Services
jeonghan.ryu@artcenter.edu626 396-2370

Professional Development and Industry Engagement

Kristine Bowne
Vice President, Professional Development and Industry Engagement
kristine.bowne@artcenter.edu626 396-2474

Robbie Nock
Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice 626 396-4212

Amanda Webb
Associate Vice President, Industry Partnerships
amanda.webb@artcenter.edu626 396-2298

Alysia Alex
Director, Career and Professional Development
alysia.alex@artcenter.edu626 396 2203

Katie Perkins
Director, Exchange and Study Away
katie.perkins@artcenter.edu626 396-4394

ArtCenter Extension

Dana L. Walker-Juick
Executive Director, ArtCenter Extension
dana.walker-juick@artcenter.edu626 396-2376

Erika Verik
Director, K-12 Programs 626 396-2347

Faviola Nunez del Arco
Manager, ArtCenter Extension
faviola.nunezdelarco@artcenter.edu626 396-2428

Cecilia “C.C.” Ybarra
Outreach Program Manager, ArtCenter Extension
cecilia.ybarra@artcenter.edu626 396-4235

Heavin Production Studio

Kevin Lipnos
Executive Director, Digital Media Production, Heavin Studio
Michael Hanson
Director, Digital Media Production, Heavin Studio

Taylor Zann
Educational Content Specialist, Heavin Studio


Mario A. Ascencio
College Librarian and Managing Director
James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library
mario.ascencio@artcenter.edu626 396-2231

Robert Dirig
College Archivist, ArtCenter Archives
robert.dirig@artcenter.edu626 396-2208

Writing Center

Amelia Yessayantz
Supervisor, Undergraduate Writing Center

Reuben Merringer
Supervisor, Graduate Writing Center