Brand Design and Strategy

Program Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

To develop global brand leaders in design through strategic thinking, leadership, management, and innovation. Where vision meets execution.


Graduates will be able to:

    • Develop global brand leaders in strategic thinking, leadership, and management in the business of design. Leverage the business of branding to create powerful and persuasive solutions across multiple media and audiences.

Strategy and Innovation

Graduates will be able to:

      • Research and identify relevant information for a brand including audience, organizational management structure, revenue streams, competition, business goals, and metrics for success. Effectively create a brand strategy based on research and analysis that will resonate with key stakeholders of an organization and intended audiences. Understanding how innovative delivery methods across media will shape the future of branding.


Graduates will be able to:

        • Understand the value of branding and apply the principles to trans-disciplinary teams. Develop methods of presentation and collaboration for organizational key leadership, internal audiences, and external partners. Develop management structures and processes to create effective, inclusive, and successful creative groups managing a brand. Employ structures to integrate branding as a critical need for business success.


Graduates will be able to:

        • Develop and execute visual system prototypes, including identities, visual systems, and training tools that integrate strategic business goals. Understand the history of branding in the context of culture, politics, technology, and business. Demonstrate innovative thinking based on historical information and changing technologies and audience values to create branding systems that alter the competitive landscape. Execute a vision with successful visual solutions.