Federal Work Study (FWS)

Federal Work Study is a federally funded program administered by ArtCenter's Financial Aid Office. FWS eligibility is based upon demonstrated financial need and is part of the total financial aid package. Both graduate and undergraduate students are considered for FWS.

Students earn money for college costs through part-time employment in an approved on- or off-campus job. It is the student's responsibility to review the job postings, contact employers, interview, and accept a position in order to earn the funds provided through FWS. Students may work up to 20 hours per week during a term and up to 29 hours weekly during breaks with approval from the Financial Aid Office. Amount: $1,000 per term for undergraduates; $2,000 per term for graduate students. Hourly rates vary from $15.00 to $18.00. The amount of work and salary is determined by the difficulty of the job and the amount of federal funding the College receives for the program. Students must submit timesheets to receive a biweekly paycheck. No Federal Work Study is available during the Summer Term.

ArtCenter participates in the America Reads program, under which students provide tutoring to elementary school children. Students may also work for the Pasadena Public Library. ArtCenter Mentor positions, which help children in the community, are also available. Pay is $16.00 per hour.

Other Student Employment

International students and students who have no financial need may be employed through the Student Employment Program.