ArtCenter administers more than $22 million in scholarships per year.

ArtCenter awards scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need and outstanding visual and academic ability. International students do not need to establish financial need.

Amounts vary based on calculated need, available funds and the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. Both new and currently enrolled students may apply for ArtCenter scholarships.

Entering scholarships are renewable each term, providing students meet the criteria listed in the ArtCenter Scholarship and Grant Policies.

Review ArtCenter Scholarship and Grant Policies below.

Entering Scholarships

Entering U.S. students who want to apply for ArtCenter scholarships should submit all application materials, including a portfolio and have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Financial Aid Office by the following dates:

Recommended priority scholarship date for entering students applying for:

  • Fall: Apply by February 1
  • Spring: Apply by October 1

Entering students who apply by these dates will be notified of any scholarship awards by the following dates:

  • Fall: April 15
  • Spring: November 15

There is no GPA requirement for entering students. International students do not need to file a financial aid application. Students who miss the priority dates may still be considered for scholarships and other aid.

Continuing Scholarships

Enrolled students may apply for scholarships through the Continuing Scholarship Review process. Although ArtCenter administers a number of named scholarships, to be considered, students currently need only apply for general scholarships. To participate in the Continuing Scholarship Review process, all students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (at ArtCenter).  First-term students may also apply.  Domestic students must have a current FAFSA on file in the Financial Aid Office by the date of their department meeting for the term and demonstrate need.  

International students need only to submit their portfolios.

For more information, review the ArtCenter Scholarship Portfolio Review documents for undergraduate and graduate students at

ArtCenter Scholarship and Grant Policies

  • In addition to any state or federal programs for which you may be eligible, ArtCenter can consider you for institutional scholarship or grant funds. These are awards that have a high merit component, and the amount of this funding is limited. We believe that all admitted students are deserving; however, as funding is limited, the scholarship awards cannot be offered to all students and are a symbol of the highest merit.
  • Students who did not receive scholarship on entry or would like to apply for an additional amount may apply through the Continuing Scholarship Review process. This process currently takes place each term for undergraduate students. The dates to apply for continuing undergraduate students are distributed each term by their department. The graduate student continuing scholarship review varies by department. Graduate students should check with their department for dates.
  • Types of scholarships. These include both the College’s own funding and scholarships provided by donors, corporations, and foundations. Students will be considered for both types of scholarships without the need for any specific applications. Recipients of donor scholarships will be asked to submit thank-you letters to the donor.
  • Merit and Need. Scholarships for domestic students are awarded based on merit and financial need determined by the FAFSA. Merit is determined by the scholarship committee based on portfolio and academic profile. International students do not need to complete the FAFSA to apply for scholarships. A limited number of scholarships maybe offered based on merit only.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Priority Deadline. Students should meet the FAFSA priority deadline of March 2 each year and have a complete file before a scholarship can be awarded for an upcoming term.  Scholarships will not be awarded for a retroactive term.
  • Grade Point Average Requirement. Undergraduate students must achieve a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) each semester to maintain their scholarship. To maintain their scholarship, graduate students must achieve a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) each semester. These GPAs represent the minimum requirements for remaining in good academic standing with the College. Students whose cumulative GPAs fall below these levels are given one ”warning” term and one “probation” term to bring their cumulative GPA back up to the minimum required levels. Failure to bring grades back up will result in the forfeiture of scholarship awards. Exceptions may only be made through an appeal process with the Financial Aid Office. 
  • Terms Off. Students cannot take more than two consecutive terms off. This includes time off for internships that are not for credit. In the event that a student takes more than two consecutive terms off, the scholarship award will be forfeited and the student must reapply for scholarship assistance.
  • Duration. There are time limitations on ArtCenter scholarships. Students holding ArtCenter scholarships enrolled in BFA degree programs are entitled to maintain their scholarships for a maximum of nine semesters. Students in BS degree programs may hold the scholarship for ten semesters due to the larger credit requirement for graduation. Graduate students may hold their scholarship for the approved length of their program plus one additional term. These specified amounts of time are the normal time frame in which students complete the program or are capable of completing the program. Credit requirements vary by major and are subject to change. Entering scholarships may be specified for a shorter time, but unless specified, they are for the amount of time listed above. Students who are awarded scholarship through the continuing student scholarship process will hold the funds no longer than the maximum duration required to complete the program, unless specified for a shorter time. The duration cannot exceed the College’s time limitation policy.
  • Amounts and Limits. Typically, the amount of ArtCenter Scholarship a student receives cannot exceed the cost of tuition for the term. Scholarship amounts are pro-rated for part-time terms based on the number of units for which students are enrolled. For 6-8 units, students will receive 50% and for 9 units 75% of the normal scholarship amount. Scholarships will be disbursed based on the unit total at the end of the Add-Drop period. Scholarships are not paid for less than 6 units. If a student enrolls in an ArtCenter Lite term, it will be counted as half a term.

Other Scholarship Resources

In addition to applying for ArtCenter scholarships, students are encouraged to explore other scholarship resources.

Many foundations and corporations offer scholarship funds and actively seek qualified applicants.

Students who wish to search for outside scholarships may find the following Web sites helpful:

Scholarship search:

Outside scholarship information:

Students who receive outside scholarships must notify the Financial Aid Office of the source and amount of funds.